Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3914

Li Tai Lai’s sudden shouting shocked everyone.

No one had expected that there would be someone on the scene who had taken a whole rejuvenation pill.

However, most people naturally didn’t believe this, after all, this item was so D*mn expensive that the person who could buy a whole one must be very famous around the world, but the vast majority of people in the audience didn’t know Li Tailai, so they only thought that this person was just talking out of his a*s.

Some even thought that this guy must have lost his mind because he hadn’t won the first copy of the Spring Return Pill, and now that he saw how effective it was, he had lost his mind.

At this moment, Li Tailai had already lost his mind and wanted to curse a few times to vent his frustration. Why are you all looking at me with such eyes? Do you think I’m joking with you? I’m telling you, think about the time when ……”

Just as Li Tailai’s arrogant face was ready to tell the story, Song Wanting said with a cold face, “No. 055! I’ve stressed the discipline on the scene many times before we started, why do you still violate it repeatedly?”

Li Tailai was about to curse when he took a look at Song Wanting’s cold eyes and was instantly scared.

He then remembered that the boss behind today’s auction was definitely Ye Chen, and Song Wanting was definitely working for Ye Chen, so if he was blatantly breaking the venue’s rules here, wouldn’t he be contradicting Master Ye Chen?

Thinking of this, he immediately broke into a cold sweat, his arrogance and anger just now instantly dissipated, and he hurriedly folded his hands and begged bitterly, “Miss Song, I’m really sorry! I was just being impulsive! Please give me one more chance for the sake of our old acquaintance, I promise I will never speak nonsense again!”

Song Wanting shook her head and said in a cold voice, “Sorry 055, rules are rules.”

After saying that, she looked at the Wan Long Hall generals around her and spoke, “Please take 055 out.”

Li Tailai opened his mouth and wanted to say something else, but seeing that the imposing security personnel had already reached him, he knew that he had already made a big mistake, so he could only nod his head in a dishevelled and incomparable manner, and followed the security personnel out of the auction hall without a word.

Song Wanting was also a little sorry, Li Tailai was usually not a bad person and had a good psychological quality, he just didn’t expect that he would do something so irrational today because of the matter of the Spring Return Pill.

According to the rules set by Ye Chen, Li Tailai would have nothing to do with the Spring Return Pill auction in the future.

However, once the auction was over tonight, the Spring Return Pill would definitely become a well-known treasure in high society, so it was unlikely that Li Tailai would ever have that chance again in his life.

Seeing that Li Tailai was taken out of the venue with his soul lost, Song Wanting sighed helplessly and then spoke, “No. 055 has been expelled from the venue for disregarding the venue rules and disturbing the order of the venue, next, please ask No. 201 to fill in.

In the last row of the crowd, a man in his sixties rose to his feet in excitement, shaking with excitement as he put his hands together and bowed repeatedly, “Thank you, Miss Song! Thank you Jiqingtang! Thank you Buckingham Palace!!!”

Before this man entered, he knew that he was the number one substitute, but he was in a good frame of mind, knowing that he was unlikely to succeed in filling the position, so he came in with the idea of opening his eyes and gaining exposure to the world.

However, after witnessing the miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill with his own eyes just now, deep down he was also eager for the Spring Return Pill.

Therefore, he could not help but regret that he had missed out on the qualification to bid for the Spring Return Pill by a mere one place.

But he had never dreamed that the opportunity would come so suddenly.

So, ecstatic, he stepped out from the last row and ran all the way to Li Tailai’s place at the front.

However, when he had just run a few steps, he suddenly stumbled and planted himself on the ground, and immediately afterwards, his whole body had fallen to his knees.

Just when everyone thought that he must have fallen because he was too excited, he fell on his knees, covering his face and bawling.

He cried with great sadness and while crying, he shouted helplessly like a child, “I did wait until I qualified for the byes, but …… but …… but I can’t afford it!!!”