Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4411

Soon, Fei Ke Xin’s men, brought up an emotional Chen Duo Duo.

Chen Duoduo was in a very tense and shocked mood, because she didn’t know exactly what this gang was doing, and that this gang had taken charge of the entire VIP area directly and silently!

Even her own staff, without exception, had disappeared without a trace, which gave her a few unpleasant feelings in her heart.

However, the moment she saw Ye Chen, her nervousness instantly eased a little and she hurriedly asked, “Mr Ye, what the hell is going on here? Are these people your people?”

Ye Chen glanced at Fei Kexin and said indifferently, “These are the people that Miss Fei brought with her, I hired them to help.”

Chen Duo Duo was surprised and asked, “Did something happen?”

Ye Chen didn’t answer, but asked her with a bit of caution, “Who are the people who know that the An family is here tonight?”

“No one.” Chen Duo Duo spoke, “Other than Qiu Yi and I, no one else knows.”

Saying that, she asked nervously, “What’s wrong?! What is going on?!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “There was an attack on the An family by bandits just now.”

“Attack?!” Chen Duo Duo was dumbstruck and said offhandedly, “When did that happen?”

After saying that, she subconsciously looked around from side to side and said doubtfully, “But Mr. Ye …… it doesn’t look like there was an attack here at all ……”

Ye Chen looked at her and continued to ask: “Duo Duo let me ask you, when did you all know that the An family would come over to watch the concert? After you knew, what did you all do?”

Chen Duoduo was busy saying, “Qiu Yi received a call from the An family’s old lady in the morning and knew that they were coming over to watch the show, then she immediately called you, Mr Ye, to confirm, and only after you agreed did we arrange the An family’s private room next door to yours.”

Ye Chen asked again, “After you and Qiu Yi had confirmed the private room, did you tell anyone else about this?”

“Of course not!” Chen Duo Duo said offhandedly, “Qiu Yi and I also knew that the An family members were extraordinary, so in order to keep it absolutely confidential, the two of us didn’t tell any of the staff from beginning to end who was actually coming tonight, not even our most trusted a*sistants around us!”

Chen Duo Duo added, “Moreover, in order to keep it as confidential as possible, Qiu Yi also pulled out a large portion of the original staff here, because she felt that the An family itself had brought along bodyguards, not to mention that we knew that you, Mr Ye, were right next door, and she felt that since you were there, there was absolutely no need to add too many staff here, as that would also increase the risk of information leaking out. ”

Speaking of this, Chen Duo Duo’s eyes widened and she blurted out, “Mr Ye, you don’t suspect me of leaking the information, do you?!”

Ye Chen looked at her and had already dispelled any doubts he had about Chen Duoduo in his heart.

Not only because Chen Duoduo’s performance, eyes and expression at this moment did not show any element of weakness or lying, but more importantly, Chen Duoduo was aware that he was here.

If Chen Duoduo was the mole or if Chen Duoduo had leaked information, then she could not have only leaked information about her grandparents’ family, she would have told the other party about herself as well, after all, she was the biggest variable here tonight.

So, from this point alone, it was certain that the mole was definitely not Chen Duoduo.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen continued to ask, “If we go by what you said, before the An family came tonight, apart from you and Nui Nui, no one knew which private room they would be placed in, right?”