Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4048

                Guo Lei had only one thought at this moment, since Andre had said there was a recording, it must not be an empty talk, once the recording was released, even if Ye Chen did not kill himself, these Italians would not bypa*s him.

                So, no matter what, I have to grab the phone and use all my strength to smash it to pieces.

                It would be the last chance for him to get it back.

                However, the moment he reached out his hand, Wan Bajun grabbed his wrist and squeezed it between his tiger’s mouth with a little force.

                Guo Lei kept wailing in pain, and Ye Chen spoke, “Broken Army, don’t waste his hand, in case it’s really wasted, the man won’t be of much value.”

                Guo Lei did not understand what exactly Ye Chen meant by value, but he had just seen Wan Bajun’s strength and knew that if he used a little bit of force, his right hand would be completely ruined, and it was Ye Chen’s words that allowed him to escape for the time being.

                Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Wan Bajun nodded respectfully and did not continue to use any more force, but turned to one of his men and said, “Tie him up for me!”

                The Wan Long Hall soldier immediately stepped forward and tied Guo Lei’s hands behind his back to death, and kicked him again in the nest of his legs, and Guo Lei instantly fell to his knees again out of control.

                Seeing that his last attempt was unsuccessful, Guo Lei was like a defeated rooster, waiting in despair for his fate to be pronounced.

                At this point, Andre found the recording, turned the volume up to maximum and clicked play.

                In the recording, Guo Lei’s laughing voice came out: “Mr. Ritchie, the job is done. I put sleeping pills and poison in the wine and drinks for the four members of the family, the sleeping pills will take effect in about an hour and the poison will take effect in about an hour and a half. “

                André asked him, “A family of four? Not five?”

                Guo Lei was busy saying, “That girl Claudia didn’t eat at home tonight, she said she went to a party with her cla*smates, I reckon she should be back late too, by then she must think her family is asleep and won’t notice anything unusual.”

                Andre said coldly, “Easy for you to say, in case she finds out that the person has died of poisoning, the whole thing will be exposed!”

                After Claudia returns home, I will have someone ignite the gasoline and create a fire. With 50 gallons of gasoline, there is no way for Claudia to escape. How will she know how people died?”

                Andrei said, “Guo Lei, you did all this, if this incident comes to light, it is all your responsibility, I did not participate in this matter with you!”

                Guo Lei said with a smile, “Mr. Ritchie, please don’t worry, this matter is my idea, my Guo Lei alone, it has nothing to do with you, I have been very unhappy with their family for a long time, kill them all, even if I can’t get any benefit, I can still feel pain in my heart!”

                I’m not asking for anything else, I’m just asking you to give me a hand when you become the boss of the group.”