Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3883

“Good!” Fei Jianzhong said, “Call me if there’s anything, but I guess I won’t be allowed to bring my mobile phone by the day of the auction, so if there’s anything, just wait until the auction is over.”



At the same time, Richard Chen gave Ye Chen a detailed report, telling him, “Young master, all the registrants who have participated in the auction so far, without fail, have all stayed at Buckingham Palace, and the other twenty alternates ranked from 201 to 220 will arrive at Jinling one after another tomorrow.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and instructed, “These alternates should not be charged for their accommodation related expenses, they will most likely all have to accompany them, and I’m afraid they won’t even be qualified to enter the venue by then.”

“Okay young master.” Chen Zekai responded and hurriedly asked again, “Young Master, are we going to let them make a trip for nothing this time? Many of them have come from overseas, so it’s quite hard for them to come all this way.”

Ye Chen thought for a moment and then said, “How about this, if they don’t have the chance to replace the others in the end, we will arrange for them to go through the security check on the day of the auction and observe, but they can only observe and cannot raise their cards to participate in the auction, so that they also have a chance to see the effect of the Spring Return Pill, after all, many of these people are here for this.”

Due to the influx of these rich people, Ye Chen’s anticipation for this auction, also became more and more intense.

He didn’t know now, after such a series of hype from himself, what kind of price the Spring Return Pill would fetch.

But there was one thing he knew very well, as long as those rich people were allowed to see with their own eyes the effects of someone taking the Spring Return Pill on the spot at this auction, every single one of them would explode with enthusiasm for the Spring Return Pill that was ten thousand times more powerful than it was now.

This is because up to now, the vast majority of the top wealthy people attending the auction have only limited their knowledge of the effects of the Spring Return Pill to just hearing about it from others, they have not had the opportunity to witness the magic of Spring Return with their own eyes.

The reason why many of them wanted to come to the auction even though they knew that their a*sets might only be barely at the bottom of the two hundred people was because they wanted to see for themselves how miraculous the Spring Return Pill really was.

So this auction will certainly shake up the entire upper cla*s.

After this auction, the Spring Return Pill would be the most precious and sought after item in the entire upper cla*s society, bar none.

At that time, Ye Chen would also be able to bring the Spring Return Pill in his hands to its maximum value.

The Spring Return Pill in his hands would be enough to bring the Ye family one step closer to the top of the world.

Chen Zekai also felt that Ye Chen’s solution was very humane at this time, so he immediately said, “Then I will have someone arrange 20 chairs in the last row and set up a special viewing area, so that they can all be gathered there to watch when the time comes.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded gently and asked, “Has the old man arrived in Jinling?”

Knowing that the old master he was referring to must be his grandfather Ye Zhongquan, Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “The old master has already arrived, and I have arranged for him to check into the administration building, but on a separate floor from the other two VIPs.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Old Mr Lai and the previous Queen of Northern Europe have also arrived?”

Richard Chen nodded and said, “Yes young master, both have arrived.”

Ye Chen then said, “Call Mr. Lai’s room for me and ask him if it’s convenient for him, if it’s convenient, I’ll go over and pay my respects.”