Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4400

The intense pain and the two sheets of high pressure blood in front of him terrified the leader to the core!

As soon as he opened his mouth to scream out of unbearable pain, his screams stopped abruptly!

This was because his eyes were shocked to discover that on the other side of his body, six of his men were standing overlapping, each with their left shoulder severed without exception!

What was most horrifying was that not only were the left shoulders of the six men severed, but the firearms in their hands, which were on the same level as the void cut, were also neatly sliced open!

The look on his face was horrified!

The other bandits around him also looked at Ye Chen as if they had seen a ghost, their jaws dropped, confused as to whether he was a man or a ghost!

At this moment, the An family were in the box and saw with their own eyes that the man’s arms had been cut off instantly and two pieces of blood sprayed in through the door, everyone was horrified to the core, wondering who this sudden god of killing was.

However, although they were completely stunned by this sudden scene, an uncontrollable excitement welled up deep inside them.

The excitement was because one second they were at the mercy of others and could be shot to death at any moment, and the next second, a mysterious man of great strength suddenly appeared to protect them.

This made them see the light of life in the midst of a desperate situation of death.

At this moment, the man at the head of the group did not care to treat his wounds and looked at Ye Chen with the utmost fear, his voice trembling visibly as he asked, “You …… are …… who are you… …”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said disdainfully, “How wanton, a mere mole that can’t even hold a burning stick, how can he be worthy to ask me about my identity?!”

The man’s body trembled at Ye Chen’s smile and he yelled out, “Shoot him! Kill him!!!”

In his eyes, bullets were the best weapon!

At this time, the front few subconsciously raised their guns and fired at Ye Chen.

While Ye Chen didn’t even blink, he said in a cold voice: “More burning sticks are still burning sticks!”

To Ye Chen, without the abundant spiritual energy provided by the Peiyuan Dan, it would have been impossible for him to continuously resist the saturated attacks of more than ten a*sault rifles.

However, since the Peiyuan Dan had been refined and his body’s spiritual energy had improved greatly, his strength was no longer shaken by such ordinary weapons!

Without moving, he turned his aura in front of him, forming an invisible barrier.

Numerous incoming bullets spurted out with powerful kinetic energy, rushing towards Ye Chen at almost the speed of sound!

For a while, the dull sound of the silencer and the sound of the bullet casings being thrown out in the air together formed a wonderful mechanical music.

The gang’s magazines were instantly emptied, and the crisp sound of an empty chamber hanging up was heard almost simultaneously.

Just when they thought they had a sure shot, the next thing they knew, everyone on the other side was scared out of their wits!


They found out!

The bullets they had fired!

It was as if they had been casted with a stasis spell, stopping in front of Ye Chen in an instant!

The sadness of eight-star martial artists was that their true qi, their strength, was not yet able to open up an absolute gap in level with modern firearms.


What an eight-star martial artist could not do, Ye Chen could!

The strength of his aura had long surpa*sed the powerful kinetic energy carried by the bullets!

It was as if an incredibly hard steel armour could never be pierced by a bullet from a plastic toy gun!

The strength of the aura was already in a position of absolute crushing!

The crowd of people almost collapsed, and those with slightly less mental strength already had their legs starting to go weak.

At this time, Ye Chen sneered, “Now it’s my turn, right?”

This one sentence caused everyone to instantly fall into a hole of ice!

They had already seen the terrifying strength of Ye Chen, who could cut off seven people and eight arms with a single slash in the void, so how could the people present be his match!

The ones at the end of the line had even turned around and prepared to flee!

However, Ye Chen would not give them a chance!

They had just used a saturation attack in this straight corridor, leaving those four martial arts experts of the An Family nowhere to hide.

After only a few dozen seconds, the wind and water had taken a turn!

Now, they too had experienced the despair of those four martial arts experts!

Ye Chen’s expression chilled as he shouted coldly, “Want to run? Can you run away?”