Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4473

One hour later.

The plane Ye Chen was on, landed at Hong Kong Island International Airport.

At this moment, at the exit of the airport.

The famous Hong Kong Island tycoon, Liu Jiahui, was personally holding a sign with the word “Ye Chen” written on it, standing at the airport exit with his wife, Fang Jiaxin, in anticipation.

Fang Jiaxin was wearing heavy sungla*ses and a mask, and her expression was somewhat unhappy.

She didn’t know much about business, she just felt that she, as the famous Mrs. Liu of Hong Kong Island, personally came to the airport to pick up people, so it was indeed a bit embarra*sing to her face.

And Liu Jiahui didn’t care about that.

He knew very well in his heart that in business, one should never have trouble with money.

If by sacrificing a little bit of face, this cooperation could go smoothly, then wouldn’t this be a no-brainer deal?

At this time, Ye Chen walked out from the exit with his shoulder bag on his back.

As he looked around, he saw the fat man who was holding up his name tag.

Then, with a slight smile wiped across the corner of his mouth, he took a step up.

Ye Chen came in front of Liu Jiahui and asked with a smile, “Are you Mr. Liu?”

Liu Jiahui looked at Ye Chen and asked with a delighted face, “You must be Mr. Ye Chen Ye!”

Ye Chen nodded, “That’s right, it’s me.”

Liu Jiahui immediately handed the sign to the bodyguard beside him, extended both hands to shake Ye Chen’s hand and said excitedly, “Aiya Mr. Ye, I’ve really heard a lot about you! Welcome to Hong Kong Island, my humble self is Liu Jiahui, the chairman of Liu’s Property Group! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, extended his one hand and shook Liu Jiahui’s hand while saying blandly, “Mr. Liu, right, nice to meet you.”

When Ye Chen shook hands with Liu Jiahui with one hand, Fang Jiaxin, who was beside him, as well as Liu Jiahui’s a*sistant and bodyguard, all had a change in expression.

They really did not expect that this young man, who knew that Liu Jiahui had taken the initiative to extend both hands to him to shake hands, would still respond with one hand, which was really a bit impolite.

Ye Chen also knew that it was indeed a bit rude for him to do so, but he felt that manners also had to be divided among people, and a person like Liu Jiahui was not worthy of giving him face.

After all, he had promised his own father back then that he would not pursue Chen Zhao Zhong any further, but immediately after his father’s death, he threw his promise to the wind.

This kind of person, in Ye Chen’s eyes, did not deserve any respect.

On the contrary, he must also be made to pay the price for betraying his promise back then.

Liu Jiahui also did not expect that Ye Chen would still be so arrogant in front of him, and was naturally annoyed in his heart.

However, once he thought of what He Zhiqiu had said, that Ye Chen was very close to Su Zhiyu and Ito Nanaezi, he could only suppress his anger for the time being.

After a brief handshake, he pointed to Fang Jiaxin at his side and said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, this is the wife of the forced man, Fang Jiaxin.”

Although Fang Jiaxin was a bit unhappy about personally coming to the airport to pick up Ye Chen and about Ye Chen’s slight disrespect to her husband, but seeing that her husband had put up with it after all, she could only say with a forced smile, “Hello, Mr. Ye.”