Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4472

At this point, Liu Jiahui saw that Fang Jiaxin was confused, so he hurriedly urged, “All right, go and order the maids to pack the guest room first, then order the housekeeper to prepare the banquet, then hurry up and change your clothes and go with me to the airport to pick her up! By the way, call Manqiong back and tell her that I’m looking for her on an important matter!”

Fang Jiaxin said with a somewhat ugly expression, “Calling Manqiong back at this time, aren’t you looking for discomfort? In case Manqiong fights with you again and neglects your honoured guest, won’t you miss your big event then?”

Liu Jiahui laughed, “It’s because of Manqiong’s character that I want her to come back as a companion! She is so pretty that men will lose at least half of their souls when they see her, and with her around, maybe that Ye boy will turn around and try to please me! She is the carrot that is dangling in front of the donkey’s eyes, so that the donkey can see it, eat it and run away with more energy! So, as long as she is around, even if she throws a foul face, she can still ensure that I get half the results!”

Fang Jiaxin muttered, “Your daughter doesn’t even listen to you, so how can she listen to me, her stepmother? If you want to call her, you’d better do it yourself ……”

Liu Jiahui was a little irritated by Fang Jiaxin’s attitude, but after a moment’s hesitation, he waved his hand and said helplessly, “Forget it, I’ll talk to her on the way later! You go and get the other things arranged!”

“Okay!” Fang Jiaxin didn’t dare to refuse and nodded her head in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen received a call from He Zhiqiu and learned that Liu Jiahui actually wanted to invite himself to stay at his home.

Surprised, he couldn’t help but have a teasing thought in his mind, so he called Wan Bajun, and once the call came through, Ye Chen asked him, “Bajun, where are you now?”

Wan Bajun respectfully said, “Back to Mr. Ye, my subordinate is preparing to pick you up from the airport.”

Ye Chen informed him, “Broken Jun, you don’t need to specifically greet me at the airport today, I plan to stay at Liu Jiahui’s home for a few days first.”

Surprised, Wan Bajun asked, “Mr. Ye, you’re going to stay directly at Liu Jiahui’s home?!”

“Right.” Ye Chen said blandly, “Since he wants to lure the wolf into his home, then I will also take advantage of the situation and go to his home to have a good natter with him.”

Wan Xiaojun couldn’t help but laugh, “Maybe this will become the most regrettable decision Liu Jiahui has ever made, in his life.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and asked him, “How have you been feeling in Hong Kong Island these two days?”

I have already compiled all of Liu Jiahui’s information, and I have also mapped out the situation of several major forces on Hong Kong Island. But the Hong Kong police have also received the news that they and the Customs have been on standby for the past two days to ensure that nothing happens after Chen Zhao Zhong arrives in Hong Kong and is handed over to them, so these a*sa*sins who want to take the hidden flower want to wait until Chen Zhao Zhong is released.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “What is the process after Uncle Zhong is repatriated back, have you understood it clearly?”

“Understood clearly.” Wan Bajun said, “Because the process when he left the country was reasonable and legal, he was only illegally staying in the US because his visa had expired and he had broken the US law, so he would not be convicted after he came back, the police and customs on this side of Hong Kong Island would give him a normal entry process, plus he had been away from Hong Kong Island for too long, so they might apply for new documents for him, and then they would notify his family to meet and take him home, and the whole process is not expected to take more than 48 hours.”

“Good.” Ye Chen said indifferently, “In that case, time is not pressing, so we can take our time and play with Liu.”

Wan Bajun said, “Okay Mr. Ye, then my subordinates will be on standby for your dispatch. “