Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3935

He suddenly understood an old poem by the Chinese poet Li Bai: “I was born to be useful, a thousand pieces of gold will come back to me again.

So what if over US$30 billion was spent in an instant? The highest mission of wealth is to serve life.

The people on the stage were naturally envious as they watched this old man, who was as thin and waxy as wood, quickly regain his blood and his entire energy and vitality, which had improved tremendously.

This also made many people inwardly suffer immensely, because all four portions of the rejuvenation pills tonight had been taken by now.

All that was left was the whole Spring Return Pill.

Many people couldn’t help but wonder, if a quarter of the Spring Recovery Pill was so effective, what would the effect of a whole one be like?

At this time, the Korean tycoon stepped off the stage and silently returned to his seat.

Song Wanting turned to the microphone at this time and said seriously, “As we all know, this auction, is co-organised by the Song Group in Jinling, and the Ye Group in Yanjing, and the owner of the Spring Return Pill also specifically instructed me before the auction, asking me to express my gratitude to these two companies here on his behalf, and he specifically explained that he especially wanted to thank Mr. Ye Zhongquan, the chairman of the Ye Group, for not only giving the auction great support, but also coming from Yanjing from thousands of miles to personally attend this auction as a VIP, making this auction shine ……”

Ye Zhongquan, who was on the first row of the stage, was already extremely excited in his heart when he heard this.

Ever since Ye Chen had told him before the auction that he would give him half a Spring Return Pill at the auction, he had been looking forward to this moment.

It was just that he was not sure what kind of arrangement Ye Chen had made, and he did not know exactly what time frame Ye Chen intended to give this half Spring Return Pill to himself.

Moreover, ever since he had witnessed the price of this quarter Spring Return Pill climbing, he had become even more worried in his heart that Ye Chen would temporarily back out.

After all, this quarter of the Spring Return Pill could fetch a terrifying price of US$38.2 billion, so if that half of the Spring Return Pill were to be put up for auction, it would have to be over US$50 billion.

Therefore, he was afraid that if Ye Chen suddenly changed his mind after seeing this situation, then he would really be left with a basket full of water.

However, when he heard Song Wanting’s words, his hanging heart finally fell.

At this point, Song Wanting deliberately raised her voice a few notches and said aloud, “Next, on behalf of the owner of the Spring Return Pill, I would like to make a grand announcement! Half of the Spring Return Pill will be given to Mr. Ye Zhongquan on the spot!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the whole audience was in an uproar!

The crowd could not wait to find out who the owner of the Spring Return Pill was and whether they could buy it directly through him, bypa*sing the auction process.

However, who would have thought that this mysterious person, who had not revealed any information, would give Ye Zhongquan half a Spring Return Pill on the spot!

This was half a pill!!!

Whether it was sold separately or together, it could not be less than US$50 billion!

But that mysterious man just gave Ye Zhongquan a half of a US$50 billion item?

How could this Ye Zhongquan have such a great face?

Many people were also talking to each other below, with some saying, “After the Ye family was messed around with by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple’s Wan Breakers, isn’t it no longer viable? How come in the blink of an eye, Ye Zhongquan has become so bullying?!”