Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3782

At this moment, Xiao Changqian, not knowing whether he was angry or sad, turned around by himself and silently went back to his room with his crutches.

Although Old Mrs. Xiao was very upset in her heart, there was nothing else she could do at the moment but to be forced to accept the reality that Qian Hongyan had returned.

After all, she still had to rely on Xiao Weiwei for support, and it was definitely not wise to offend her at such a time.

Xiao Weiwei saw that the matter had been satisfactorily resolved, so she finally breathed a sigh of relief and helped Qian Hongyan, saying, “Mom, get up, let’s go home.”

Qian Hongyan nodded her head as she cried, with a face that looked like she had survived a robbery.

She really had no way out, otherwise she would not have wanted to come back to see Old Mrs. Xiao’s face.

Nowadays, her greatest wish was to have a place to shelter herself from the wind and rain, or at least not have to worry about three meals a day.

Returning to Jinling, to Villa Townsend I, was the best option for her at this stage.

She is glad that her daughter, who has never been motivated and has never worked, has now started her own business and it is going quite well, so she does not have to worry about her life anymore.

She was completely relieved and was about to follow Xiao Weiwei into the door when she suddenly remembered something, turned around again, came to Ma Lan’s car and said with a grateful face, “Ma Lan, thank you so much just now, many things in the past were my fault as a sister-in-law, please don’t take it personally with me, I apologize to you here ……”

I apologize to you.” After saying that, Qian Hongyan immediately gave Ma Lan a bow.

Ma Lan was instantly confused by Qian Hongyan’s humble attitude, and was caught off guard for a while, saying awkwardly, “Look at you, you’ve been yelling at me for half your life, and suddenly you’re talking so nicely, you’re almost giving me a whole lot of trouble ……”

Qian Hongyan sighed and said in a low voice: “In the past, I didn’t understand that I was always thinking of competing with you for favour with the old lady and trying to overpower your second family, but now that I think about it, in front of someone like the old lady who has no heart and no lungs, there is nothing to compete for. ”

Ma Lan was deeply moved and said with great agreement, “I tell you, Qian Hongyan, you are so right! That dead old woman herself is a wolf with a heart of gold! Even if you cut your own flesh for her to eat, she won’t think well of you, instead she’ll wipe her mouth after she’s had her fill and think that your meat is too woody!”

Qian Hongyan nodded and said seriously, “Anyway, I really see the point this time, from now on, even if she dies, I won’t shed a single tear!”

Ma Lan sneered, “If she dies, not only will I not shed a tear, but I will buy some firecrackers and celebrate!”

Hearing this, Xiao Changkun coughed twice and reminded, “Ma Lan …… you’ve almost got it …… you know you’re talking about my mother ……”

Ma Lan glared at him and said angrily, “If you think you are close to your mother, then you can move in here at night!”

Xiao Changkun said in a jarring voice, “Why should I move over ……”

Ma Lan said, “You move in to serve your mother! Don’t you want to be a filial son?”

Xiao Changkun immediately had the sense to shut his mouth.

He also figured out that if Ma Lan was a powder keg, then the old lady was the best fuse that would explode at the slightest point.

Therefore, he should not take the initiative to find this trouble.

At this time, Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, also came forward and said to Ma Lan in a very respectful manner, “Second Aunt …… before I also have a lot of ignorance, please do not be angry with me, in the future, if you are willing, our two families can still have more contact.”