Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4060

                Hearing this, Ye Chen’s expression gradually cooled down and asked, “So, among the six girls you are handing over this time, someone has been picked up by the highest level VIP?”

                The other party nodded, “Although we have never encountered such a thing before, it should be correct.”

                Ye Chen’s eyebrows knitted together, his intuition told him that the girl who was being looked at by the highest level VIP was probably Li Xiaofen.

                Just at that moment, the ship’s communicator suddenly rang.

                A man’s voice came out, “Vancouver 003, please respond when you receive.”

                The Italian group member looked at Ye Chen and asked nervously, “Do I …… have to answer?”

                Ye Chen nodded and said, “Answer normally.”


                The Italian hurriedly picked up his communicator and spoke, “Vancouver 003 received.”

                The other man’s voice came over the communicator, “Bring the cargo you are delivering this time to the deck and prepare for the handover.”

                The Italian asked, “How do we hand it over? Do we send the men over or do you come and take them?”

                The other man instructed, “Bring all the cargo to the deck first, make sure their faces are uncovered, we will send a drone to verify their identity first, and when it is accurate, we will send a speedboat to pick them up!”

                The Italian was instantly nervous, he had never experienced such a handover process before, and as soon as he heard that the other party would also send a drone to verify their identities first, he instantly panicked.

                He knew very well that the six girls, including Li Xiaofen, were not even on board at the moment.

                And the other party was so cautious to verify their identities first, so how could this hurdle not be muddled through?

                Ye Chen smacked his lips and said in a cold voice, “This gang is vigilant enough to use a drone to probe the truth first, this is something I really didn’t expect.”

                Wan Bajun lamented, “These people are indeed very cautious, the distance they keep between them and us is also a range that normal automatic weapons can’t hit at all, two kilometres away, to do damage to this ship, at least it must be heavy anti-material weapons, what we can get in Canada are some ordinary standard firearms with a range of a few hundred meters, if they notice the anomaly and turn around to escape, we really have no way to take them ……”

                Ye Chen asked again, “If they were to run, would our ships be able to catch up with them?”

                “Impossible ……” Wan Xiaojun shook his head and said, “Mr. Ye, this kind of luxury cruise ship, is definitely not skimping on the power configuration, it is like a Ferrari, while this one of ours, is like an old truck in disrepair, if he sails at full power, he must be much faster than us;”

                “This freighter of ours, we’d be thanking the heavens if we could run at twenty knots, but that yacht of theirs, it’s estimated to easily reach fifty knots, that’s ninety kilometres per hour, at such a speed, it’s undoubtedly a fool’s errand for us to try and catch up with him.”

                Ye Chen nodded gently and spoke, “This way, we will first idle and slowly approach them, then you find a few soldiers with a smaller build, disguise them and lie down on the deck first, try to get as close to them as possible before they find out the end.”

                Wan Bajun was a bit puzzled and couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Ye, do you want to find a chance to get close to them and catch them? I feel that this may not be feasible …… the other side is so alert, even if we can shorten the distance to one kilometre, the other side will just find out and run away at full power, we can’t do anything to them ……”

                Wan Breaking Jun felt that even if Ye Chen’s strength was strong, it would be impossible to rely on two legs to chase a luxury yacht with a speed of over ninety kilometres per hour in the vast ocean.

                However, Ye Chen said at this time with a cold face, “I don’t want to catch up with it, I just want to finish it off!”