Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4059

Ye Chen knew very well that this kind of grey industry must have intricate roots behind it, and the entire chain, from top to bottom, was estimated to be spread throughout Europe and America.

                Therefore, he also knew that it was impossible for him to completely destroy this industry chain.

                However, since he had caught up with this mess and happened to run into this gang’s deal tonight, Ye Chen still decided to teach this gang a little lesson.

                Regardless of who the top man of these gangs in Vancouver really was, tonight, he would first wipe out the men sent by this top man to receive the goods, and then force some useful information out.

                The fact that the entire Italian group had vanished in the morning, and that the people who had come to deal with them were also unaccounted for, would definitely serve as a wake-up call to the real bosses to at least stay away from Vancouver.

                By now, the dot of light on the sea was getting closer and closer.

                However, the other side stopped when they were still two kilometres away from the cargo ship.

                Ye Chen’s vision was better than normal, and even at a great distance, he could still easily tell that the other party was not driving a cargo ship, but a very luxurious mega-yacht.

                The yacht looked to be nearly a hundred metres in total length, with six floors of construction above the deck, which made Ye Chen wonder, such a yacht was worth at least over a billion dollars.

                He could not help but ask Wan Bajun beside him, “Bajun, these days, are all human traffickers in Europe and America so profitable?”

                Wan Bajun also saw it clearly, so he was puzzled and spoke, “I’m not too sure, this boat does look worth a lot, and it’s a bit too high-profile for them to use this kind of boat to pick up people, right?”

                Wan Bajun’s words reminded Ye Chen, who at this point waved his hand and said seriously, “Being overly high profile sometimes becomes a kind of low profile, to be honest, if I were to investigate which of the ships that come in and out of a port every day are suspected of smuggling people, then this kind of luxury yacht should be the last thing I would line up, even if we are surprised to see such a ship here. Everyone else must have felt the same way.”

                Wan Bajun nodded gently and said, “Mr. Ye has a point.”

                Saying that, Wan Bajun added, “However, those who can afford this ship should also have a rather distinguished background, it seems that population crimes do involve quite a lot of high society in Europe and America.”

                Ye Chen called a member of the Italian syndicate to him at this time and opened his mouth to ask, “Did you also dock this ship when you came to trade at sea before?”

                The Italian syndicate member picked up the binoculars and after looking at it for a while, shook his head and said, “I have never seen this ship before, the people who came to dock with me in the past were all cargo ships, they usually hid people in special containers and when they arrived at the pier, a truck driver from the distribution side would pull the containers away, they would not use such a luxurious big yacht.”

                Ye Chen frowned: “How does the distribution side usually operate?”

                The man was busy saying, “Normally, people are sent to the city where the distributing party is located, they will evaluate the people and keep the ones that meet the criteria to go to the auction, and the rest are packed and sold to some overseas criminal groups, this is the normal distribution channel.”

                Saying that, he thought for a moment, suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “But I seem to have heard that if there are top quality goods that are spotted by big shots in advance, the other party will send a ship to pick up the people directly, and will not go through this channel again.”

                Ye Chen asked after him, “What does this mean again?”

                The other party hurriedly explained, “Generally speaking, before delivery, we will do some investigation on the target person, and then take some photos, and organize them into a profile to submit to the superior, who will give priority to the highest level VIP customers to go through the profile first, if there is no highest level VIP customer in here who has taken a fancy to it, they will go through the distribution channel normally, but if someone is the highest level VIP customer, they would directly skip the auction session, and the upper house would negotiate a price with the VIP customer and send the person directly to the VIP customer.”