Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4583

Liu Jiahui was so frightened by Ye Chen’s words that he nearly fainted.

In his heart, he was terrified beyond measure and secretly thought, “That defeated son of Zhong Yunqiu was blackmailed by Ye Chen for ten years and ten billion dollars when he provoked Ye Chen, I offended Ye Chen’s father twenty years ago and went back on my word, according to this, this sin of mine …… is more than Zhong Yunqiu mostly ……”

I am willing to fly overnight to the grave of your father, Mr. Ye Changyang, to make amends, and I am also willing to kowtow to Ah Zhong and apologize, as long as you can forgive me this time, from now on, I will never give Ah Zhong a hard time again, and from now on, Ah Zhong will be my From now on, Ah Zhong is my brother of the opposite sex, if you need me for anything, just say the word, I, Liu Jiahui, will do my best!”

Ye Chen sneered, “Mr. Liu, you and I have known each other for quite some time, do you think I, Ye Chen, am such a nice person to talk to?”

Liu Jiahui choked up and said, “Mr. Ye, please spare me this time for the sake of my age ……”

Ye Chen asked him again, “Then do you think I, Ye Chen, am such a merciful person? You’re old, isn’t Zhong Yunqiu old? Is his handful of years, less than your handful of years?”

“This …… This ……” Liu Jiahui saw that Ye Chen was aggressive and seemed unwilling to give himself any accommodation at all, so he could only speak up, “Mr. Ye, please, for the sake of Manqiong, give me a chance to change my ways!”

“Manqiong?” Ye Chen smiled and said seriously, “Miss Manqiong is indeed a good girl, and she is fundamentally different from you, you are a villain who does not keep his word, but she can always keep her promises!”

After a pause, Ye Chen added: “She promised the vendors in the snack street stalls more than ten years ago that she would never raise the rent, and she did, what about you? Have you ever done anything to keep your promise for more than ten consecutive years?”

Liu Jiahui didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Ye Chen continued, “Liu Jiahui, about your commitment, if you can say one, two, three, I can also consider you lightly sentenced, but if you can’t say, don’t use Miss Manqiong as a shield, after all, you are also a fifty-year-old man, in case you still use your own daughter as a shield, is not afraid of being laughed at? ”

Liu Jiahui’s expression was as ugly as a bitter melon.

He couldn’t think of anything that he could do to keep his promise.

After thinking about it, he didn’t know how to respond, so he could only look at Ye Chen and say pitifully, “Mr. Ye …… These three things you said are all my fault, and I don’t dare to slyly argue, I only ask you to tell me how I can make amends ……”

Ye Chen said blandly: “How to make amends, it is better for you to say it yourself, you let me see, how sincere you are as a person to repent.”

“I ……” Liu Jiahui was speechless for a moment, really let him say it himself, he did not have the guts to do so.

If there was less sincerity, Ye Chen would definitely not agree, and might even be enraged by it.

If it was more sincere, Ye Chen might agree, but he would be in a lot of pain.

After thinking about it, he stammered, “Mr. Ye …… I am willing to take out 100 million dollars a year for the next twenty years to make up for the mistakes I have made in the past twenty years, what do you think ……”

After he said that, he looked at Ye Chen with an apprehensive face, afraid that Ye Chen would suddenly get mad.

A total of twenty years and taking two billion dollars was a huge sum of money in the eyes of the vast majority of people, but Liu Jiahui understood in his heart that to Ye Chen, this was nothing at all.

One must know that Zhong Yunqiu had agreed to ten billion dollars for ten years in exchange for Ye Chen’s forgiveness.

Twenty years and two billion, versus ten years and ten billion, the difference here was not just five times the relationship between ten billion and two billion, if we consider the interest rate for the extra ten-year cycle, and the inflation factor for the extra ten years, his two billion was actually, at best, an eighth, or even a tenth of Zhong Yunqiu’s.

Therefore, when he took the initiative to say this price, he was, in his heart, extremely apprehensive, fearing that Ye Chen would immediately turn his back if he was not satisfied.

At this time, Ye Chen looked at Liu Jiahui expressionlessly, and in his heart, he had already seen through this guy’s nature.

Don’t see him smiling with everyone, but in fact, this old man is a standard miser.