Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4199

After hearing this, Li Yalin lit a cigar and took a slow puff, then sat up straight, straightened his collar and grinned, “Chongqiu, what do you think about me being your nephew?”

An Chongqiu was stunned, then he reacted and cursed with a smile, “F*ck you.”

Li Yalin laughed and said, “It’s worth it to be your nephew. 100 billion dollars, according to the way you rich people play, you won’t even finish spending the interest when you die ……”

An Chongqiu shook his head and laughed: “I just don’t know if that nephew of mine can still find it, if he can really find it, I guess he hasn’t suffered a lot over the years, with the contribution his mother made to the An family, taking this 100 billion dollars isn’t much.”

He said, he could not help but regret: “Unfortunately, the old man is sick, really see him, may not be able to recognize, even if you tell the old man that is him, the old man may not believe, if the old man is healthy, really see him, I’m afraid will take out some more money to him, so many years he rarely said, but also really miss this grandson in his heart. ”

Then, he added: “Oh yes, the old lady also saved a lot of money for her grandson, always saying that when she finds him she will give it all to him, although it is not as much as hundred or eighty billion, but ten or eighty billion is definitely still there.”

Li Yalin was already a bit numbed by the shock, so he wasn’t surprised, he just teased, “You, as a great uncle, don’t show it?”

“Does that even need to be said?” An Chongqiu seriously said: “I most admire my sister in my life, my nephew if I can find back, I give a 18.8 billion meaning, Kai Feng, Zhaonan, Yo Yo and the three of them, it is estimated that one can not be less than a hundred …… counted down, almost two thousand ……”

Li Yalin cried and laughed: “Pull out is also a Forbes world’s richest man ……”

The first one in the world is not even in the top ten.”

The actual world’s largest and most popular brand name is the “Billion Dollar”. It’s quite a lot to say, but when it matters, you can’t even buy a Spring Return Pill.”

Li Yalin smiled sarcastically, “It seems you have a deep resentment towards this Spring Return Pill ……”

An Chongqiu nodded and said seriously, “I really have too much resentment, in all my life, I, An Chongqiu, have never suffered such stifling, that owner of the Spring Return Pill, is definitely a character! I gave him US$370 billion, but to him, that much money is no match for his principles ……”

Saying that, An Chongqiu asked Li Yalin, “Do you know how Master Fei Jianzhong Fei, was taken over by his son?”

“Not too sure.” Li Yalin said, “The Fei family didn’t put out any news to the outside world either, they said to the public that it was because the old man was getting old and the board of directors agreed that he was not suitable for the position of the family head anymore, but I know that they must have taken advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the old man’s trip to China and hollowed him out.”

An Chongqiu grunted, “Getting older is just rhetoric, just those losers in the Fei family, combined, are no match for a ninety-something year old Master Fei, the real reason here is because Master Fei also went to the auction for the Spring Return Pill, and he bid up to US$200 billion, originally after I was kicked out, it should have been him who successfully auctioned for the Spring Return Pill, but his son Fei Shanhai broke his back, which was also tantamount to breaking his way out of life, and with that old man’s health condition, I think it will be a year at most.”

“Gra*s ……” Li Yalin cursed offhandedly, “This is so f*cking uncalled for! It’s clear that he doesn’t want the old man to live too long or spend too much money ……”

“Yes.” An Chongqiu nodded and said, “So, the matter of Fei Shanhai’s grandson being kidnapped and a ransom of two hundred billion dollars being demanded, I thought it was quite interesting after I heard the wind, isn’t this a good f*cking reincarnation of heaven?”