Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4198

After listening to An Chongqiu’s words, Li Yalin simply subverted the three views and exclaimed, “You guys are more ruthless than spy warfare …… The whole World War II was fought from 39 to 45 only six years, you guys even lasted fifteen years …… ”

“Yes.” An Chongqiu seriously said: “You see, these big families are basically doing things in this way, not afraid to spend money, not afraid of wasting time and energy, at all costs, only to not leave any mistakes, the hidden engineering behind this you simply can not imagine, we in order to not show traces of the talents we cultivate to several big families in the country, more than ten years ago specifically In order to unobtrusively send the talents we cultivate to the several big families in China, we joined hands with Huaxia more than ten years ago to organize a campaign to promote the development of Chinese overseas Chinese senior students back to China, we sent nearly a hundred Chinese overseas Chinese graduates from major universities in the United States back to China in one breath, so that they could enter these families through social recruitment to struggle and fight from scratch;”

“This is something that we have continued for more than ten years, and for all these ten years, we have had to pay these people exorbitant fees privately on a continuous basis.”

“So you can understand why so much money was spent, can’t you?”

Li Yalin nodded and lamented, “Understood …… before and after twenty years and spending billions of dollars on something that has no results, only you rich people can afford to burn so much money.”

An Chongqiu smiled faintly: “It’s not exactly burning money, although so much was spent, but the money was spent little by little for twenty years, and the money was put in the trust with interest, the profit was also very considerable, until half a year ago, the account balance was almost thirty-five or sixty billion, right?”

Li Yalin exclaimed, “How come it’s so much? Haven’t we already spent several billion?”

An Chongqiu nodded his head and said, “It’s just a matter of earning as you spend. In previous years, trust returns were very high, and in good years, it was normal to earn more than 10 points a year.

So, you may sound like we were stupid, or even a stickler, and spent a lot of money for nothing, but in fact, it didn’t cost us anything, and we had people to do everything, so we didn’t have to do it ourselves.

Li Yalin was convinced and sighed, “Profit rolls on, money makes money, in times of peace, you rich people are really wealthy for a thousand generations ……”

After saying that, he smiled to himself again, “Unlike me, I just f*cking know how to arrest people and solve crimes, I have no economic acumen at all.”

An Chongqiu said seriously, “In theory, as long as the descendants of a rich person keep their hands to themselves and don’t go out and do anything with their money, even if the rich person only has $100 million to put in a trust, it will ensure that his descendants will never lack money to spend.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh: “If we could find that great nephew of yours, wouldn’t he be worth thirty or forty billion dollars more out of thin air?!”

“More than that.” An Chongqiu said, “When the old man’s condition worsened, he was afraid that one day he would lose his consciousness and lose his ability to take care of himself, so he filled the account with more than 60 billion dollars, making up 100 billion dollars, then he changed the terms of the trust, leaving the 100 billion dollars of principal untouched and giving it all to my nephew, and only taking out the annual profits to find someone. The profits are still billions of dollars a year.”

“So if I could find that great nephew of mine, his value would increase by a hundred billion dollars out of thin air!”