Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4200

At the same time, the Fei family’s butler, as well as some of his inner circle, were urgently approaching international families who owned Concorde airliners.

After this incident, Fei Shanhai could not wait to buy a Concorde for any future contingencies that might occur.

Because, without a Concorde, it would take at least thirteen hours to send someone from New York to Japan.

But with a Concorde, they could arrive in five and a half hours.

In normal times, a difference of seven or eight hours is nothing, but in critical times, this is enough time to create too many variables.

As the request for the Concorde was a normal request for the Fei family, it was not confidential, so the men did not avoid people, and basically found a relatively quiet place, and then hurriedly started to communicate with each other on the phone.

They were all competing with each other, and whoever could help the Fei family secure a Concorde in the first place would surely be a great achievement.

When the maid, carrying the Richard Miller watch presented by Qiao Feiyun, returned to Villa One, she was surprised to find that many people were constantly on the phone, as if something big was happening.

Remembering Qiao Feiyun’s explanation, she hastily found a male a*sistant who had always had a few words for her and had even repeatedly tried to go further with her, and asked curiously, “Song Peng, why aren’t you off work and resting yet?”

He had always admired the maid’s beauty and had long had thoughts in his heart, but the maid knew that he only had thoughts about her in that area, not that he wanted to marry her in a normal relationship, so she had never given him the chance to go further.

This Song Peng was not surprised to see her at this time, he just smiled and said, “I still have some unfinished business, why are you not off work too?”

The maid said, “I was worried about Grandma’s health and came over to see if there was anything I could do to help.”

Song Peng didn’t doubt it and nodded, seeing no one around, with a few frivolous smiles on his face, he spoke, “How about I take you to Las Vegas when Xiao Yuan is off work for the weekend?”

“To Vegas?” The maid said awkwardly, “Just the two of us?”

“Yes!” Song Peng laughed, “Of course it’s just the two of us, recently Beyoncé had a big show at the Las Vegas casino, haven’t you always liked her? Take you there to see it and meet the world.”

The maid didn’t say anything, but in her heart she couldn’t help but despise it.

If she had heard of such things in the past, she would have been very eager to see them.

But now, how could a mere Beyoncé be in her good books?

As far as she was concerned, she was the one who was going to be the young grandmother of the Qiao family.

So, she was almost ready to say no on the spot.

But then she remembered Qiao Feiyun’s instructions, so she deliberately kept an extra eye on him and looked at Song Peng, smiling, “If there’s really a chance, of course I don’t have a problem, but there’s so much going on at home right now, so it’s hard for us to take a break from work for a while, right?”

Song Peng brushed aside his mouth and said casually, “We are just ordinary wage earners, we have to take a break when we should, there is no need to worry too much about the master’s family, besides, sometimes it is not always your turn to worry even if you want to, take your maids as an example, usually so many maids take shifts, if something happens and they all flock to Grandma’s room without taking a break, Grandma can’t I can’t stand it.”

The maid nodded: “You seem to have a point ……”