Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4085

Although the tragic death of his brother made Qiao Feiyun hate to go on a killing spree.

However, in contrast, what he was most worried about was not whether his brother’s revenge could be avenged, but whether the matter would be exposed.

He knew very well that if the disappearance of these 800-odd Italian group members triggered international attention, the first person to be unlucky would definitely be himself.

Therefore, he had to keep this matter under wraps no matter what, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable.

So, the news soon reached Canada.

Immediately after receiving the news, old Godfather Ryan announced to everyone with unbridled excitement, “The OP has taken the initiative to contact me, and they have promised that if your relatives have not returned within three days, then he will pay a million dollars in pension for each of them!”

At those words, there was a gasp!

Although everyone respected the old godfather, they really didn’t think that he could anticipate things as well as he did.

A million dollars was indeed a large sum of money.

The vast majority of Italian gang members only earn a couple of thousand Canadian dollars a week, and a hundred thousand Canadian dollars a year is a lot of money.

Moreover, these gang members have huge expenses of their own, and most of the money they earn goes to their families, and very little of it goes to them.

So, if this man was still alive, the family would not have been able to wait for the million dollars he earned in his lifetime.

But now, the family was willing to give a million dollars in pension, a sum of money that, for the vast majority of the Italian group’s families, was an astronomical sum that they could not even think about.

Immediately, some among the crowd became excited.

You know, some people have more than one relative missing.

The most of them, one of them, had three sons missing.

If all three sons were eventually pronounced dead, he would become the second person to the old godfather.

But the old godfather was not as lucky as he was.

The old godfather had lost a wife and five sons, but only four of them had received pensions, and the four sons combined did not have a million dollars.

He, on the other hand, would probably have gotten three million dollars in one breath.

That’s enough money for him to go back to Sicily, marry his second aunt and become a landed gentry.

So, at this moment, in the depths of his heart, grief and excitement coexisted in a bizarre way.

Receiving the respectful gaze of thousands of people, Old Father Ryan’s heart also grew more and more impa*sioned as he said in a loud voice: “Gentlemen, this is just the beginning!”

With that, he cleared his throat and continued, “The Lord has also said that if it is finally determined that your loved ones are dead, then he will pay another million dollars in pensions for each of them!”

The crowd’s expressions grew even more colourful.

Some of those who were not so close to their missing loved ones were already so excited that they were on the verge of opening champagne to celebrate.

Of course, there were others who still felt grief for their loved ones.

But, after all, the amount of money was outrageous, so their grief, it seemed, was not as intense as when they first arrived.

Old Godfather Ryan added at this time, “Gentlemen, there is still no hurry! I think that the OP is in such a hurry to offer terms, he must be afraid that this matter will go too far, so that the initiative will be in our hands! So, I will definitely fight for more benefits for everyone!”