Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4009

With Guo Lei gone, Li Xiaofen was also relieved.

Ye Chen asked her, “Fanny, does this Guo Lei often come to hara*s you?”

Li Xiaofen shrugged her shoulders and said helplessly, “That guy, Chinatown is known as a smiling tiger, look at him talking with a smiling face and being polite to everyone, but in fact, he is worse than anyone in his bones.”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Can you be specific?”

“This ……” Li Xiaofen glanced in the direction of the storehouse, then whispered, “I’ll tell you slowly when I have the chance.”

No sooner had the words fallen than Claudia had walked out, she looked at Ye Chen and said seriously, “Guo Lei was doing telecommunication fraud in China and fled to Canada after the incident went east and defected to my mother ……”

“Guo Lei’s grandfather, and my maternal grandmother is brother and sister, the two families more or less related, and Guo Lei is the only child in the family, his mother is afraid that he will be caught in prison, so he begged my mother to take him in, and then my mother arranged for him to follow my father as a driver ……”

“Three months ago, Guo Lei and the group’s second-in-command together persuaded my dad to cooperate with the American gang, but my dad didn’t agree;”

“Two months ago, someone set fire to my house, the whole family of five, only I managed to escape ……”

“Since then, the second in command of the group has taken over my father’s position, and Guo Lei has become a big hit under his hand ……”

Ye Chen asked her, “Is there any evidence to prove that they set the fire?”

“No.” Claudia said firmly with red eyes, “Although there is no direct evidence, it must be them.”

Ye Chen asked again, “What did the police say?”

Claudia pursed her lips and whispered, “The Vancouver police said the fire was due to an accident, saying that rats chewed through the cables in the basement, causing a short circuit, and the fire in turn ignited flammable items stored in the basement, and the flammable items they were talking about were fifty gallons of gasoline, and our family had never stored gasoline in the basement before ……”

Said Claudia, choking back a sob, “And, Guo Lei had made an appointment with my mother a week in advance to come to my house for dinner the night of the fire, he brought two bottles of wine and some drinks for my brothers that day, I didn’t eat at home that night because I never liked him very much, and after that meal, the fire happened that night ……”

Claudia wiped her tears and continued, “When the fire started, the first thing I did was go to my parents’ room and by then, I found them not breathing, followed by my two brothers’ room and they were just as out of breath and heartbeat ……”

Li Xiaofen was dumbfounded as she listened and blurted out, “Then …… that means …… your parents and your two brothers, didn’t die in the fire! This is clearly murder, didn’t the police investigate?”

Claudia shook her head and said, “The result announced by the police was death by accident, I was looking for a place to hide after escaping from the fire scene, the days I was hiding, it was Guo Lei who signed the cremation consent form as a family member, then my parents and two brothers were cremated, and the matter was dead and buried.”

Li Xiaofen subconsciously said, “You should have gone to the police and sued them for murder, told the police about these circumstances, and let them arrest them all!”

Ye Chen said lightly at this time, “Little Fen, the reason why Claudia is still alive is because she didn’t tell the police about these circumstances.”

“Yes ……” Claudia nodded gently and whispered, “They thought I escaped from the fire by a fluke, but didn’t know that I had actually found out that my parents and brother were dead when the fire started ……”

“If they knew this, they would not have let me live.”

Li Xiaofen couldn’t help but ask, “Then why did you come back if you had escaped?”

Claudia said helplessly, “What if I don’t come back? If I don’t come back, they can guess that I must have known something and that’s why they don’t dare to come back, in that case, they will definitely look for me everywhere and hurry to kill ……”

“On the contrary, I came back, only to make them feel that everything was done seamlessly, thinking that I must not know anything.”