Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4010

“Moreover, they did not suspect what I said, I told them that the reason why I disappeared for some time was because I was too devastated by the death of my family and the burns on my face, so I did not want to see people, and I waited until I slowly accepted this reality myself before I decided to come back.”

Li Xiaofen asked again, “And what if they are unsure and want to cut off the root of the problem?”

“No.” Claudia shook her head, “The death of my parents and brothers was itself disguised by them as a major accident, and now that I’m back, in everyone’s eyes, I’m the only poor thing that survived.”

“If I were to suddenly die too one day, it would look too deliberate in the eyes of outsiders, so as long as they were sure I didn’t know the inside story, they wouldn’t risk killing me;”

“What’s more, if I want to avenge my parents as well as my two younger brothers, I’ll have to go back to Vancouver to have a chance!”

Speaking of this, Claudia’s eyes broke into tears once again, “It’s just that when I came back, my parents and two brothers had already been cremated and hastily buried, and I, as their only relative, wasn’t able to give them one last ride ……”

After hearing this, Li Xiaofen couldn’t control her tears, and gently gathered Claudia in her arms, choking back tears, “Why didn’t you tell me this before ……”

Claudia said while shedding tears, “I didn’t dare to say it before, I was afraid that if these words got out, I would die ……”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but be impressed with Claudia at this time.

This girl was only eighteen years old, but she was able to analyze her situation so thoroughly in front of such a great ordeal.

Moreover, she had made the calmest judgment, which was indeed remarkable.

Even she knew that that Guo Lei was the culprit who had killed her family, yet she still had this courage and determination to live towards death to come back here, which was indeed remarkable.

At this time, Ye Chen, who had not said anything, spoke up, “Little Fen, go to the street. Buy me a pancake fruit.”

Li Xiaofen was slightly stunned, confused as to why Ye Chen had suddenly asked himself to go buy a pancake fruit at this time.

She was about to ask Ye Chen the reason, when he stopped pretending and said, “I have something to do and I want to talk to Claudia in private.”

Hearing this, Li Xiaofen was instantly delighted.

She knew that Ye Chen was capable of great power and must have a way to help Claudia take revenge!

Thinking of this, she immediately wiped away her tears and said excitedly, “Okay Brother Ye Chen, I’ll go and get it for you right now!”

After saying that, she hurriedly said to Claudia again, “Claudia, if you have any grievances, just tell Brother Ye Chen, he will definitely help you think of a way!”

Claudia was a little nervous all of a sudden, she didn’t know what Ye Chen suddenly wanted to talk to her in private because of.

At this time, Li Xiaofen had already hurriedly run out the door, and by the way, she even flipped over the sign at the entrance that was open for business, turning it into a closed one.

At this time, Ye Chen looked at Claudia and asked straight to the point, “Tell me, you have been texting me non-stop for the past two days, wanting me to come over and take Little Fen away, what exactly is the danger to her?”

Claudia looked at Ye Chen and asked with some alarm, “You …… how did you know it was me ……”

Ye Chen said seriously, “From the first moment I entered the shop and saw you, I knew it was you.”

Claudia was even more puzzled and subconsciously asked, “Why?!”

Ye Chen pointed at the scars on her face and said indifferently, “Because the scars on your face, they are all fake!”