Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4231


Hearing his father’s speculation, Fei Xuebin asked in surprise, “Dad, do you mean that he knows who the people who did it to Hao Yang are, and at the same time is afraid that those people will do it to him?”

“That should be the case!” Fei Shanhai nodded with an extremely grave face, and then added: “Thinking about what Li Yalin said just now, I suddenly feel a bit of taste ……”

Fei Xuebin’s perception was still almost meaningful, so he asked, “Dad, what are you analyzing?”

Fei Shanhai didn’t answer his question, but instructed the housekeeper to take the others, including Wang Yuanyuan, out first.

Only after everyone had left did Fei Shanhai say to Fei Xuebin with a serious face, “We have not been able to figure out what the scandal Li Yalin just mentioned is, but now I have a vague feeling that this scandal has a great probability of happening to Hao Yang, and it is also likely to be related to this Qiao Feiyun.”

I think it’s possible that Hao Yang and Qiao Feiyun are doing something unspeakable together. This would also explain why Hao Yang quietly received Qiao Feiyun into his home, and also plotted with him every day in that unused villa ……”

Fei Xuebin was busy asking, “Dad, what do you think these two 20-somethings could be studying?”

Fei Shanhai said coldly, “The two of them must be talking about some kind of plan, and they must have already started working on it.”

Saying that, Fei Shanhai remembered something and hastily asked, “When Hao Yang disappeared, he was having a charity dinner?”

“Right.” Fei Xuebin nodded and said, “It said that he had joined forces with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and wanted to donate some money to Chinese orphans.”

Fei Shanhai frowned more tightly and asked Fei Xuebin, “Your own son, you must know him better than anyone else, do you think he suddenly ran out to do a charity, is this matter perverse?”

Fei Xuebin nodded truthfully and said, “I’m not going to lie to you, Dad, this is indeed very abnormal.

“Then that’s it.” Fei Shanhai said gruffly, “Since it’s unusual, there must be something odd here. Maybe, the two of them have been plotting for days to plan this charity dinner.”

Saying that, Fei Shanhai asked again, “You went to the scene when the accident happened, tell me, what were the more special circumstances at that time?”

“Special circumstances ……” Fei Xuebin thought for a moment and spoke, “There was a big international star named Gu Qiuyi, the most famous of the Chinese singers now, and she was the mystery guest at the charity dinner that day. ”

Fei Shanhai pursued, “Who invited her?”

“Of course it was Hao Yang ……” Fei Xuebin said bluntly, “That charity dinner was led by Hao Yang, it was also Hao Yang’s intention to invite Gu Qiuyi, he commissioned the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to help pull the strings, I reckon, he should be a bit interested in that I reckon, he should have some interest in that actress and want to take this opportunity to get acquainted with her, boys, as you know, everyone wants to have something with actresses.”

Fei Shanhai also asked, “Is it necessary to go to such trouble to pursue an actress? No matter what level of celebrity she is, she should have already taken the initiative to cater to her if she knew who she was. Why should Hao Yang need to rack his brains to please the other party?”

Fei Xuebin said, “This Gu Qiuyi is also not simple, she is not an ordinary star, she is the only daughter of Gu Yanzhong, the head of the Gu family in China, and the sole heir to hundreds of billions of dollars in a*sets, the gold content is very high.”

Fei Shanhai nodded gently and muttered, “No wonder ……”