Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4232

Fei Xuebin was busy asking, “Dad, what do you mean by strange?”

Fei Shanhai said, “No wonder Hao Yang went to so much trouble to pander to please her, and even threw a charity dinner especially for her ……”

Speaking of this, the words that Li Yalin had just said suddenly came back to him in his mind.

Whirling around, he exclaimed, “D*mn it! This son of a b*tch, Hao Yang, isn’t he having some kind of crooked thoughts about this Gu Qiuyi, is he?!”

Fei Xuebin laughed awkwardly, “Dad …… fair ladies, gentlemen are good at martyrdom, so there’s nothing wrong with Hao Yang playing dirty tricks on her, right?”

Fei Shanhai said in a cold voice: “What I mean by crooked brains and what you mean by crooked brains are not the same thing at all! Wanting to please her and have a night with her is a crooked idea, wanting to force her to sleep is also a crooked idea, wanting to force her to sleep and then destroy her body is also a crooked idea!”

Fei Xuebin’s face instantly chilled and said offhandedly, “Dad …… actually at the time I also felt that this matter Hao Yang’s performance was perverse, but there has been little substantial evidence, you said …… Hao Yang he …… he shouldn’t be stupid enough to go to that kind of extent, right?”

“I don’t know ……” Fei Shanhai said with incomparable seriousness, “but I think that, by combining various clues, this kind of thing is the most likely!”

The most important thing is to find out who is paying for the commissions of the Iga ninja. If I’m right, these ninjas are probably hired by Qiao Feiyun!”

Fei Xuebin said, “If they were hired by Qiao Feiyun, then the question goes back… could it be that Qiao Feiyun did this to Hao Yang?”

“No!” Fei Shanhai shook his head, “I now suspect that Qiao Feiyun hired that gang of ninjas to work for Hao Yang ……”

Fei Xuebin shivered and said offhandedly, “Dad …… you mean …… Hao Yang’s crooked idea is to use this gang of ninjas to kidnap Gu Qiuyi?!”

Fei Shanhai said, “If we can find out that there is indeed money coming and going between Qiao Feiyun and the Iga ninja, then that will basically confirm my suspicions.”

Fei Xuebin busily said, “I’ll go and order someone to look into it right now!”

With the Fei family’s ability, it was easy to check bank transactions.

So, Fei Xuebin soon received a message that the Iga Ninja had indeed received 40 million dollars, the money was paid to an American technology company, I had someone check the shareholding structure behind this company in depth, and found that it was a company held by a fund under the Joe Style Group ……”

“f*ck!” Fei Shanhai muttered, “This b*****d Hao Yang, he’s really got some nerve! As the youngest master of the Fei family, he dares to play with fire like this, how outrageous!”

Fei Xuebin was busy saying, “Dad, this doesn’t necessarily prove that it’s Hao Yang’s problem! If it’s really like you said, these ninjas were hired by Qiao Feiyun, then why would they kidnap Hao Yang? That doesn’t add up to logic either!”

Fei Shanhai said, “The answer to this question probably lies with that Gu Qiuyi! After all, Qiao Feiyun only gave them US$40 million, and didn’t you say that Gu Qiuyi’s background is also very strong? What if she bribed the ninjas with a promise of $400 million on the spot?”

“This ……” Fei Xuebin was also dumbfounded, thinking before and after half a day, frowned and said, “It’s not without that possibility …… ”

Fei Shanhai said immediately, “You think of a way to make an appointment with this Gu Qiuyi and invite her to come to the house.” One trip! I’m going to have a good time with this girl to see if she has any problems!