Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3962

At this time, Song Wanting finally received Ye Chen’s authorization and said into the microphone, “Gentlemen, No. 035 has been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment due to a sudden illness, and given that he himself has announced that he has given up the competition for this last Spring Return Pill, our chance to purchase this Spring Return Pill this time will be filled by No. 016.”

When Bernard Elnor heard this, he clenched his fists in excitement and threw several punches in the air.

If it wasn’t for the fear of breaking the rules, he would have shouted a few times to express his joy.

Song Wanting looked at him at this time and opened her mouth to ask, “No. 016, may I ask if you are willing to purchase this last rejuvenation pill at a price of US$72 billion?”

“I am willing! I am willing!” Bernard Elnor said offhand with unbridled excitement, “Please give me the number and I’ll arrange payment now!”

Song Wanting nodded and spoke, “No. 016, since you have confirmed it, you are naturally the first in line to purchase the Spring Return Pill.”

Speaking here, Song Wanting added, “However, the owner of the Spring Return Pill has just confirmed something to me, that anyone buying this Spring Return Pill on the spot will pay exactly the same price as the successful bid, except for you, who still needs to make a round of allotment before you can purchase this Spring Return Pill.”

“Another allotment?!” Bernard Elnor almost collapsed as he cried, “Two of your staff have already asked me to allot over $300 million before! Why do you want me to match the goods again?”

The audience was also a bit taken aback; they had never heard of the request to match goods either, and wondered why they were suddenly asking 016 to match goods now.

However, just as many people were about to give a shout out for 016, someone suddenly recognised him and blurted out, “Isn’t 016 Bernard Aerno? He’s the inventor of the luxury goods dispensing system!”

Immediately afterwards, someone responded, “My God, it’s him! My wife has dispensed tens of millions of euros in his shops!”

Someone else said, “This guy has a very bad business reputation and has been criticised for his dispensing system! If it wasn’t for the distribution system, he wouldn’t be the richest man in the world! I never thought it would be his turn to dispense goods today! What a self-inflicted disaster!”

At this point, someone retorted, “Aren’t you guys going a bit too far? It’s the salesman’s job to distribute the goods, what’s he got to do with it?”

Someone sneered, “Are you seriously ill in the head? Do you think dispensing is an act of the salesman himself? Why didn’t the coffee shop attendant ask you to dispense when you went out to buy a cup of coffee? Why did Bernard d’Arnaud’s shop ask you to dispense? This kind of global uniform bundled sales policy, if he, the boss, hadn’t given the order himself, who underneath would have dared to be so reckless?”

“Exactly!” Someone immediately echoed, “He has made tens of billions of dollars by relying on a rogue system of bundled sales like allotment, it’s about time he had a taste of his own medicine today!”

At this moment, Song Wanting, faced with Bernard Elnor’s surprise, said blandly, “No. 016, you are the one who has promoted the system of allotment, so many of your brands have resolutely implemented the system of allotment, no matter how the market opposes you, you have done what you want and persisted to the end, so this time, the owner of Springback Dan has also instructed that special care must be given to you. ”

Said Song Wanting and added: “Moreover, before, you were allowed to allocate goods for the purpose of qualifying for the auction, now you are allowed to allocate goods for the purpose of buying the Spring Return Pill, these are two different stages and should not be mixed up;”

“If you want this Spring Return Pill, you must accept the allotment, otherwise, the Spring Return Pill will be split into four parts and continue to be auctioned on site;”

“Of course, you can also continue to participate in the auction at that time, but I have to remind you that if you are successful in your bid, you will have to accept the allotment all the same!”