Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3722

Inquiring about Hong Wu in Jinling was like inquiring about the Xiang brothers in Hong Kong, one could ask a random person on the street and find out four, five, six.

So, Chen Ying Shan quickly found out some information about Hong Wu, and then immediately fed back to Fei Ke Xin: “Miss, I have inquired about that Hong Wu, he is the head of the underground forces in Jinling, he is very famous in Jinling, and also has a lot of industries, one of them is a restaurant called Tian Xiang Fu, which is one of the top-cla*s restaurants in Jinling, and has a great reputation. ”

Fei Ke Xin nodded and analyzed, “That Master Ye, with Chen Zekai casually just a sentence to send people to Hong Wu, although I do not know what kind of people he is going to send, but from the tone he took for granted when he said this, can be seen, Hong Wu should also listen to his orders.”

Speaking of this, Fei Ke Xin couldn’t help but feel, “If that Master Ye, is just a feng shui master, then isn’t it a bit strange that both Chen Zekai and Hong Wu treat him with such respect?”

Chen Ying Shan said, “It’s alright, Miss, have you forgotten how much respect the master has for that old Mr. Lai? Every time he sees him, he is always respectful.”

Fei Ke Xin said seriously, “Grandpa Lai’s situation is different, he is a top feng shui master in Chinese circles, highly respected! He’s been in the family for dozens of generations, so even the An family are respectful when they see him, not to mention my grandfather.”

Saying that, she added: “But that Master Ye, he looks like he’s only in his twenties, and he doesn’t come from any feng shui family, how could he have such a big face?”

Chen Ying Shan shrugged her shoulders, “Maybe it’s because he’s young and talented.”

Speaking of this, Chen Ying Shan thought of something and busily said, “Miss, that Master Ye, could he be from the Ye family?”

“I have also considered this possibility you mentioned.” Fei Ke Xin spoke up, “But I don’t think it’s too likely, if he’s from the Ye family, Chen Zekai shouldn’t call him such a strange title as Master Ye, it’s like you can’t call me Master Fei in a nonsensical way.”

Saying that, she also felt that she couldn’t be so absolute, so she said, “Shanshan, you’d better look up the Ye family’s information, find out all the information on the younger generation of the Ye family and show it to me, see if it can correspond.”

Chen Ying Shan immediately said, “Then I’ll go do it right now!”

The information on the members of the Ye family was not easy to find, but it was not a difficult task for the Fei family.

Soon, Chen Ying Shan had all the information on the younger generation of the Ye Family in her hands and handed it to Fei Ke Xin.

Fei Ke Xin looked through the multiple profiles, including Ye Feng and Ye Hao, and there was indeed no connection to the Master Ye she had seen, so she put the profiles aside and said indifferently, “It seems that he is indeed not a member of the Ye family, he just happens to have the same surname of Ye.”

After a moment of silence, she then frowned and said, “I’m now wondering if this Master Ye, could have something to do with the Spring Return Pill, and if the commissioner of the Spring Return Pill, could be him.”

Chen Yinshan was surprised and said, “Miss, this should not be very likely …… that young man is only in his twenties …… a person in his twenties, it is unlikely that he can afford to manipulate such a large plate and attract hundreds of top tycoons Come over, not to mention, something like the Spring Return Dan, it’s not like a young man would have it.”

Fei Ke Xin agreed with Chen Ying Shan’s words and nodded, “I think the same as you, I always think that the person behind the Spring Return Dan should not be a young person.”

Saying that, she added, “However, that Master Ye can make Chen Zekai and Hong Wu treat him with such respect, so he must be somewhat capable, have you inquired about this person?”

“Inquired.” Chen Ying Shan was busy saying, “Unlike Hong Wu, Hong Wu’s name is known to the whole world in Jinling, but Master Ye’s name, no one seems to know.”

“No one knows?” Fei Ke Xin was even more surprised and blurted out, “Chen Zekai even respects him, such a person, no one knows about him in Jinling?”

“Indeed.” Chen Ying Shan said seriously, “The people we consulted to said that they had not heard of Master Ye.”

In fact, Ye Chen had always acted in a very low profile.

Although there were many people in Jinling who knew his name as Master Ye, those people were basically his own people.

The only time Ye Chen had ever shown his face was at the XuanXue Conference when he had caused the lightning to strike Yu Zhenhai to death.