Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4274

Seeing that An Chongqiu had already put the elixir into her husband’s mouth, she said nothing.

In her heart, she would not blame her son, or Gu Qiuyi, no matter whether the elixir had any effect or not.

Everyone in the family was determined to make the family better, even Gu Qiuyi, whom she had met for the first time, had been kind to the An family, so no matter what the outcome was, she was able to accept it openly.

At this moment, deep down, the majority of people have already given up their struggle.

Only Gu Qiuyi and An Chongqiu were the only two who were incredibly nervous.

While shaking his head with a sigh, Heavenly Master Hong continued to close his eyes and recite something related to the Infinite Sky Dweller under his breath.

The blood dispersing and heart saving pill, by now, was already melting rapidly in An Qishan’s mouth, and the medicinal effects were beginning to spread towards his body.

But at this very moment, his already extremely weak heartbeat finally stopped completely.

On the monitoring equipment, the column of the electrocardiogram instantly turned into a straight line, and the machine emitted an ear-piercing alarm sound as a result.

At this moment, all the An family’s hopes were completely dashed.

The old lady could not control herself at once and hid her face in tears.

Even An Chongqiu completely lost hope and lowered his head in agony.

The corners of Hong Tian Shi’s mouth twitched slightly, and then he changed his silent recitation to reading aloud, saying in an impa*sioned and loud voice: “At that time, the Heavenly Father who saves suffering fills the ten realms with his presence! With his mighty power, he rescues all beings from their lost paths! All sentient beings are unaware, as if they were blind! The sun! Moon!”

This is the “Tai Shang Dong Xuan Spiritual Treasure Sutra for the Salvation of Suffering”, a sutra used by the Daoists to transcend the spirits of the dead.

At this moment, Master Hong recited it to let the An family know that he would use his profound Daoist teachings to escort An Qishan to the Pure Land.

Gu Qiuyi was horrified at this moment.

She had never expected that the blood dispersal and heart saving pill given by Ye Chen would not be able to save An Qishan’s life.

She even blamed herself thinking that she must have delivered the medicine a little late, if she had been a little faster, perhaps there would still be hope for the old man.

However, she had underestimated the efficacy of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill.

This medicine, although it could not make a person twenty years younger, had a very powerful effect in saving lives.

The reason it was called the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill was because, even if the heart stopped beating and the blood in the whole body lost power, as long as the body and brain had not completely died, it could save it!

After all, a stopped heart is not a criterion for judging a person’s death.

Very often, even if the heart stops, it can be restored through CPR and AED defibrillation.

Of course, once the cardiac arrest has gone beyond the threshold and triggered organ and brain death, there is really nothing that can be done to save the person.

The doctors gave up on the idea of resuscitation and placed their hands on their chests and bowed their heads in silence.

All that remained in the ward were the painful sobs of the An family and the ear-splitting beeping of the monitors.

So, while the An family and Gu Qiuyi were both grieving, the straight line on the monitor screen, which had been stretched out, suddenly burst into an imperceptible rise and fall!

However, this imperceptible undulation was not seen by anyone.

But then, immediately after that undulation, the ECG again showed an even larger undulation!

And at that moment, the long beeping alarm from the monitor suddenly stopped ……