Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4167

Because, the lives of his family, wife and children were in the hands of those Japanese.

It did not matter if he died, but if he could not get their lives back, what was the point of living?

Just as he was apprehensive, a police officer came to him and opened his mouth to ask, “Are you Chen Fu?”

Chen Fu nodded his head and said in some panic, “Yes …… it’s me ……”

The police officer waved at him and spoke coldly, “You come with me.”

Chen Fu’s heart was even more panicked, but at this moment he had no other choice but to follow the police officer with heavy steps to Li Yalin’s temporary office next door.

As soon as he entered, Chen Fu was shaking with fear.

He had heard of Li Yalin’s reputation for a long time, so he was very afraid of being seen by Li Yalin.

So, he came to Li Yalin with fearful hands and stammered, “Li …… Li …… Inspector Li …… How are you ……”

Li Yalin stared at him and suddenly pressed on in a cold voice, “Chen Fu! Let me ask you! Why did you collude with the Japanese ninjas and kidnap the young master of your Fei family?”

Li Yalin’s sudden angry shout made Chen Fu’s heart and soul horrified, he panicked and slyly argued, “I …… I didn’t …… I really didn’t …… ”

Li Yalin said in a cold voice: “You still lie? Those Japanese ninjas were recruited by you! If you just recruited them in, I guess I can still believe that you did it inadvertently, but to recruit them in and then arrange them to the place where the incident happened, this is clearly premeditated! So you’re their mole!”

Chen Fu was still resisting and shook his head repeatedly, “Not me …… I didn’t …… I don’t know any Japanese ninjas at all …… ”

Li Yalin looked at his forehead and cheeks, beads of sweat kept dripping down one after another, so he sneered: “Chen Fu, it’s fine for you to argue with me, but I have to warn you, if you don’t cooperate with me properly, then I will feed the information I have now to Fei Xuebin, the person who disappeared tonight is Fei Xuebin’s son, I don’t need to remind you of this matter, right? What do you think he will do to you when he finds out about this?”

When Chen Fu heard this, his psychological defenses instantly collapsed completely, he knelt down in front of Li Yalin at once and said in tears, “Inspector Li, I have some hardships, Inspector Li …… It was the Japanese who kidnapped my family’s wife and children, and said that if I didn’t obey their orders, they would kill my wife and children. They also killed one of my nannies in order to force me to give in! I was also forced to do so ……”

At this point, Chen Fu looked at Li Yalin and choked up, “Inspector Li, I know I am guilty, I deserve to die, even if the young master wants me dead, I have nothing to say …… I only beg you to save my family of seven, they are innocent… …”

From the moment Chen Fu entered, Li Yalin guessed from his apprehensive expression that he would definitely not be an accomplice in this matter.

After all, how would that gang of ninjas, who acted in a dry and ruthless style, cooperate with an ordinary person with extremely poor psychological qualities like him.

The only possibility was that they had coerced Chen Fu.

Therefore, he did not doubt Chen Fu’s words at all.

He then said to Chen Fu, “Chen Fu, if you want to save your wife and children, you must tell me everything you know, including when and where this gang met you, what they said, and what messages they left!”

As far as Li Yalin was concerned, he desperately needed to find the images of those Japanese ninjas now, he had to get the facial features of the gang before he could catch them, and he was on a very tight schedule, if he didn’t speed up, the gang might just sneak out of the country!