Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3792

Luo Jiacheng’s words made Fei Kexin’s brows tighten.

It wasn’t that Luo Jiacheng was being alarmist, he had just broken through his sixth meridian last year and officially became a six-star martial artist.

With his current strength, he was a hanging chad within a six-star martial artist.

Therefore, as long as Ye Chen’s strength reached the level of a six-star martial artist, then the odds were that he was going to be stronger than him, and seeing through his cultivation would be a breeze.

However, although he did not dare to say his words to death, seeing that Fei Ke Xin seemed a little worried, after thinking for a moment, he still said to her, “Miss, I personally feel that the possibility of Ye Chen being a six-star martial artist, or even a higher level martial artist, is very unlikely, and you do not need to worry too much.”

Fei Ke Xin asked, “And what makes Mr. Luo say that?”

Luo Jiacheng said, “The country is so peaceful and prosperous that there has been little opportunity for the development of martial arts in the country over the years, and the powerful martial arts masters are basically overseas. ”

Fei Ke Xin gently nodded and said, “I vaguely feel that this Ye Chen is really too mysterious, and there are many things that people can’t see or figure out, but I think it’s unlikely that he is a martial arts master at a young age, not to mention that he has to study feng shui and run a pharmaceutical factory …… Even if he is even stronger, it is It is impossible to become a martial arts master in his twenties under such circumstances, it seems that I have overthought ……”

The youngest six-star martial artist I know of was around thirty-five years old at the time, and this person practiced martial arts from the age of three to the age of thirty-five when he broke through to a six-star martial artist. In the thirty-two years since he was three years old, until he broke through the six-star martial artist at the age of thirty-five, his daily martial practice time was conservatively estimated to be over fourteen hours.”

Fei Ke Xin marveled, “Fourteen hours of martial arts practice every day, the rest of the time minus eating and sleeping, there is basically nothing left over ……”

“Right.” Luo Jiacheng nodded and said, “Those who really want to achieve something in the martial path basically have to put in their best efforts, and must avoid the world to cultivate, otherwise there are too many various distractions around them, it is difficult to improve quickly, and that Ye Chen does everything and his energy is so scattered, even if he is really a martial artist, it is difficult to achieve anything.”

Saying that, Luo Jiacheng added, “But if Miss is really worried, I can arrange for a few more people to come over to spell it out, to ensure that nothing is lost.”

Hearing this, Fei Ke Xin’s doubts were allayed and she waved her hand, “Forget it, it makes sense for me to bring a driver when someone invites me to dinner, but if I bring a group of people, the other party will definitely think too much about it, so it’s not appropriate.”

Luo Jiacheng nodded and didn’t say any more.

The Cadillac drove out of the city and walked along the aisle for another twenty minutes before finally arriving at the Liu Laoshi Farmers’ Iron Pot Stew that Ye Chen had mentioned.

Just as the car reached the entrance, a young man directed, “Pull into the courtyard, Master Ye has arrived!”

Fei Ke Xin looked inside, and there was indeed a BMW 530 parked in the courtyard.

She couldn’t help but think: “This Ye Chen is really low-key to the extreme, of the three cars their family currently has, this BMW 530 is the worst, and as a result, this car has really come into his hands ……”

Luo Jiacheng didn’t think much about it at this time, and directly drove the car into the farmhouse, and parked it together with Ye Chen’s BMW.

Between getting out of the car, Luo Jiacheng paid careful attention to the farmhouse.

The farmhouse was of medium size, with a courtyard of over a hundred square feet, and apart from a kitchen, there were several private rooms that had been converted into brick houses.

However, of these rooms, only one was lit.

Although Luo Jiacheng had no aura, he was a six-star martial artist after all. With his eyes slightly closed and his true qi flowing, he was able to determine the distribution of people in this farmhouse through his powerful perception.