Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4480

The moment Ye Chen mentioned roast goose, both Liu Jiahui and Fang Jiaxin’s expressions suddenly changed.

As an authentic Hong Kong Islander, Liu Jiahui used to love roast goose the most.

But ever since he learnt that Chen Zhao Zhong, a talented businessman, had been selling roast goose in Chinatown in the United States for 20 years, he had hated roast goose with a pa*sion.

Whenever he thought of roast goose, he would think of Chan Siu Chung.

Whenever he thought of Chan Siu Chung, he would think of Fong Ka Yan eloping with him and making everyone on Hong Kong Island aware of the incident.

What depressed him even more was the fact that a woman like Fang Jiaxin, who did not have her fingers in the water, had willingly followed Chen Zhaozhong and sold roast goose in Chinatown for a few years.

But anyone who has been wounded, even if they appear to be strong on the surface, must be vulnerable in their heart, or in a particular way.

Although Liu Jiahui was powerful and in a position of supremacy on Hong Kong Island, the more because of this, the more he cared about the cuckold he had worn back then.

Fang Jiaxin blushed with embarra*sment also because of this.

She had been very much favoured by Liu Jiahui’s side for so many years, and after she had given birth to his son, she was even held in Liu Jiahui’s heart.

However, the only thing that had always made her feel very apprehensive was that incident back then.

Because she knew that it had always been a minefield for Liu Jiahui, and the fundamental reason why Liu Jiahui had isolated himself from his a*sets was also because of the existence of this minefield.

If it wasn’t for this incident, she would have become Liu Jiahui’s most important and trusted person by now, and Liu Jiahui would naturally have half of his a*sets.

This was one wrong step, one wrong step.

When Ye Chen saw the two people’s subtle expressions, he was amused for a moment, but his mouth was curious as he asked, “What’s wrong with you two? Is there something wrong with the roast goose?”

Liu Jiahui said awkwardly, “No, it’s mainly because there is no roast goose prepared at home today, if Mr. Ye likes it, I will have someone prepare it tonight!”

“Good!” Ye Chen nodded and sighed, “I like the crispy and greasy texture of roast goose the most, with the sweet taste of cinnamon sauce, that is called authentic ……”

Liu Jiahui’s expression was even more depressed, he even felt for a moment that Ye Chen was deliberately mentioning roast goose to stimulate himself.

However, on second thought, there should not be many people who know about the matter of Chen Zhaozhong selling roast goose in the United States.

After all, the news of Chen Zhaozhong’s imminent deportation had only recently been released by himself, and when he released it, he did not reveal what Chen Zhaozhong was actually doing in the United States.

So, thinking of this, he was slightly relieved, thinking that Ye Chen might have just happened to mention the roast goose.

He then said with a stiff smile, “It seems that Mr. Ye is still quite knowledgeable about Cantonese cuisine, in that case, then I will have someone prepare more marinated water, roast goose and roast squab tonight!”

Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction and gave a thumbs up, “Mr. Liu is really a good cook! I’m not going to lie, I once came to Hong Kong Island with my father when I was a child, many memories are blurred, but the roast goose is still fresh in my mind!”

Liu Jiahui asked curiously, “Oh? I wonder if Mr. Ye still remembers which roast goose he ate when he was a kid? If he’s still open, I’ll have the maid go and buy it back for you!”

Ye Chen nodded, thought back for a moment, and said with a serious face, “If I remember correctly, that roast goose shop should be called Chen Ji roast goose, I really can’t remember exactly where it is, but I still remember the taste vividly, after all, that taste is really great, I still can’t stop reminiscing!”

Chen Kee Roast Goose is the roast goose restaurant that Chen Zhao Zhong’s father owned on Hong Kong Island.