Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4479

At that time, her mother was still carrying her sister in her womb, and it was because she was pregnant with her sister that she neglected routine medical check-ups and failed to detect and intervene in time at the initial stage of cancer.

After giving birth to her sister in October, her mother breastfed her sister herself for six months. During that time, she was reluctant to take even one pill even if she had a cold in order to ensure that her breast milk was healthy, so her condition was delayed even further.

When the mother noticed that she was not feeling well and went to the hospital, the doctor informed her that she had terminal cancer.

The doctor also said that the reason why the condition had progressed so rapidly had a great deal to do with her pent-up mood.

Because of this, Liu Manqiong has never been able to forgive her father, Liu Jiahui, let alone the person in front of her, Fang Jiaxin.

Fang Jiaxin knew that she was in the wrong, so she did not dare to confront Liu Manqiong head-on. After giving birth to her son, her mother, by virtue of her son, had tried to use her position in front of Liu Jiahui to find a way to get Liu Manqiong out of the family.

However, after several attempts, she found out that although Liu Jiahui had never admitted to Liu Manqiong on the surface about his mistakes back then, he had always felt very indebted to this daughter in his heart, which was why Liu Jiahui was so tolerant and forbearing towards Liu Manqiong.

Because of this, Fang Jiaxin had never been able to find the right opportunity to drive Liu Manqiong away from her sight.

Thus, these three people, each with their own thoughts, were caught in a bizarre stalemate.

Ye Chen then rounded up the situation and said to Liu Jiahui, “Mr. Liu, I can’t interfere in your family affairs as an outsider, why don’t I go first and we can talk again sometime?”

When Liu Jiahui heard this, he quickly changed his face and said with a smile, “Aiya Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry, it’s my incompetence in teaching my son that made you look funny!”

After saying that, he then said to Liu Manqiong, “Today Mr. Ye is here, we can’t let Mr. Ye look funny, I don’t ask anything else from you, let’s have a nice meal together at noon, in the afternoon, you can help me to accompany Mr. Ye around, from tomorrow, I won’t take up your time anymore, what do you think?”

Liu Manqiong immediately pursued, “What about the 50 million you promised me for the charity?”

Liu Jiahui waved his hand and said boldly, “As long as you help me take care of Mr. Ye, I’ll cash in that donation tomorrow!”

“Good.” Liu Manqiong agreed without a second thought, saying, “I promise you!”

Once Ye Chen heard this, he smiled slightly and said, “Since you two have agreed, then let’s sit down and talk while we eat.”

Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “Yes, yes, let’s chat while we eat, while we eat!”

The four of them sat down at the dining table and the maids immediately brought up many dazzling meals.

Almost all of these meals were cla*sic Cantonese dishes, each of which was extremely elaborate.

Liu Jiahui greeted Ye Chen as he ate the dishes, while introducing these expensive dishes to him, “Mr. Ye, our Cantonese cuisine is famous for its expensive ingredients, and my family’s ingredients are even the best of the best! Look at these shark’s fin, abalone, flower maw, fish maw, bird’s nest and Australian dragon, all of them are top quality! The chef at home is a master of Cantonese cuisine, so any one of these dishes on the table is the pinnacle of Cantonese cuisine!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and didn’t move his chopsticks, but looked at Liu Jiahui and asked seriously, “Hey, Mr. Liu, I heard that among the Cantonese dishes, roast goose is the cla*sic of cla*sics, I wonder if Mr. Liu’s house has prepared it?”