Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4407

“Against the current?!”

Fei Ke Xin was even more surprised when she heard Ye Chen’s words.

She really couldn’t understand why Ye Chen was so resistant to identifying with his own grandfather.

At this time, Fei Ke Xin received a phone call, and the person on the phone said, “Eldest Miss, Hall Master Wan of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has arrived and has already brought someone in.”

“I know.” Fei Ke Xin answered and said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, Hall Master Wan is here.”

As he was speaking, the lights of the two lifts flashed, and a moment later, the doors of the two staircases opened, and Wan Broken Jun rushed out with more than ten of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall generals.

When he saw Ye Chen, Wan Bajun led the way and arched his hand, “Mr Ye, my subordinates are late!”

The generals also immediately arched their hands and said in unison, “I’m late!”

Ye Chen said blandly, “You have all come quickly.”

Wan Xiaojun hurriedly asked, “Mr. Ye, how is the situation now? What do I need to do?”

Ye Chen spoke, “There is a bandit with a broken limb who is still alive, take him away, I still have something to ask him, the rest of the people inside are dead, you take all the bodies away and dispose of them properly, then clean up the blood and bullet marks at the scene.”

With an astonished expression, Wan Bajun hurriedly said, “Then we’ll get to work on it now.”

He then immediately led his men to the corridor.

The corridor was pitch black at this time, but Wan Bajun was after all an eight-star martial artist with extraordinary strength, so even though the light was faint, he could still see very clearly.

When he saw the scene, his entire body was dumbfounded with shock.

He was also considered to have crawled out of the pile of the dead, but this was the first time he had seen such a bloody scene.

The other generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were also unable to hide their horror, and the strong smell of blood made everyone a little physically uncomfortable.

Wan Bajun was the first to come back to his senses and said in a cold voice, “Prepare the body bags, fill them up with the dead ones.”

“Good!” The crowd nodded their heads and immediately pulled out black thickened body bags from their pockets and began to handle the corpses.

As each corpse was put into a body bag, Wan Bajun’s heart became more and more shocked.

What shocked him was not the bandits whose legs had been cut off by Ye Chen and who had taken poison to commit suicide, but the four martial arts experts with extremely high cultivation levels.

Each of these four martial arts experts had been completely disfigured by the bullets, and it was not an exaggeration to say that each of them had at least thirty to forty bullet holes in their bodies, with hardly any part of them intact from head to toe.

Even Wan Bajun could only tell from their mutilated corpses that one of their meridians was open, but could not determine how many stars they were as experts, as most of their meridians had been shattered by the bullets.

After all the corpses were put into the body bag, Wan Bajun tugged the collar of the one at the head and stuffed it into the body bag as well, while instructing the others, “This one is still alive, take it away separately, Mr. Ye has other uses for it.”

“Good!” The handlers nodded hastily and made a mark on this body-shrouded bag.

These generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall moved quickly, and in a few minutes’ time, nearly thirty corpses were all packed.

They then began to carry these body bags downstairs via the lift.

As they stood in the pool of blood for too long, they left large blood-red footprints on the ground outside when they walked out.

Fei Ke Xin saw the way these people from the Wan Long Temple were all covered in blood, with the strong smell of blood still on them, so she didn’t need to look to imagine just how tragic the situation was inside.

At this time, Wan Bajun came in front of Ye Chen and spoke, “Mr. Ye, the bodies are all loaded, immediately arrange for them to be transferred out of New York first, then arrange for them to be transported to the high seas to be disposed of as soon as possible, as for the one who is still alive, I will send him to the villa to be locked up first.”