Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3725

The manager was busy saying, “Someone wants to charter our diamond box for a month!”

“What kind of person ……” Hong Wu asked in amazement, “Coming to the Tian Xiang House to eat even for a month, sick, right?”

The manager was also puzzled and said, “I don’t get it either, that person came and asked how much our most expensive cla*s was, so I quoted her the price of a diamond box for 200,000 for a meal without drinks, and without saying a word, she booked a month, and it was two meals at noon and at night, that’s 60 meals! Twelve million!”

Hong Wu frowned and said, “Are you nuts? It couldn’t be a deliberate trick on you, could it?”

“No ……” the manager said hurriedly, “That b*tch is so f*cking cool, I said the minimum is twelve million, if you really want it, I’ll give her a discount, she directly gave us fifteen million to our Tian Xiang House collection account on the spot, saying that we should raise the grade of the dishes to a higher level ……”

After saying that, the manager said with an inviting face, “Master Wu, this is 15 million! We have never received such a large order since the opening of Tian Xiang House!”

Hong Wu immediately said in annoyance, “Who the hell told you to take money? I usually have to use this diamond box to entertain Master Ye, you’re the manager here, don’t you have a clue?”

Only then did the manager realize that he had done something wrong and said with shame, “I’m sorry, Master Wu …… I was so focused on the big deal that I forgot you were going to entertain Master Ye …… I’ll go down and talk to her and have the finance department refund the money back the way it was. the money back the way it was.”

Hong Wu snorted coldly and said, “Remember, from now on, the diamond box will only be reserved for Grandmaster Ye, if Grandmaster Ye doesn’t come, it will remain empty.

The manager immediately nodded his head in fear and said, “I understand, Master Wu! Don’t worry, there won’t be a next time!”

Only then did Hong Wu’s expression ease a few points and said in a cold voice, “I have to go out, so hurry up and take care of things.”

After saying that, he directly pushed the door and took the lift downstairs.

When Hong Wu left Tian Xiang House, he happened to pa*s by the front desk and saw a woman in professional attire standing next to the front desk. Thinking of what his little brother had just said, he subconsciously gave the other party an extra look.

And this woman was none other than Fei Ke Xin’s personal a*sistant, Chen Ying Shan.

Chen Ying Shan also saw Hong Wu at this moment, because she had just checked Hong Wu’s profile, she immediately recognised this middle-aged man of about fifty, wearing a Tang suit and topped with a big bald head.

At this time, the receptionist said respectfully, “You’re going out, Master Five?”

Hong Wu gave a hint and nodded, and met the two of them with Chen Ying Shan, feeling that the woman was looking at herself in a slightly strange way.

However, Hong Wu didn’t think much of it, after all, he was in a hurry and Chen Zekai was still waiting for him, so he went straight out of the Tian Xiang Mansion, drove his car and went straight to the dog farm.

At that moment, the manager of Tian Xiang House also hurriedly ran down from the stairs and came directly to Chen Ying Shan, saying apologetically, “Miss, sorry, our boss said that the diamond box is not available for booking, I will let the finance department refund your money back!”

Chen Yinshan was surprised and asked, “Why? You opened your doors for business and I paid you a month’s fee in advance in one breath, why don’t you agree?”

The manager said helplessly, “It’s our boss’s wish, I’m really sorry!”

Chen Ying Shan asked, “Do you think the money is not enough? If not, I can add a little more to your bill!”

The manager said, “Miss, it’s not about the money, it’s our boss’s rule that we don’t accept reservations for diamond boxes.

Chen Ying Shan was a bit angry and questioned, “Then I can book a different box, right? Don’t you have any gold boxes?”

When the manager heard this, he said, “No problem!”

Chen Ying Shan could only say with a puff of anger, “Fine! Then I’ll book a gold box! You don’t have to refund the money either, but prepare our meals at the level of the diamond box!”