Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4402

The man at the head of the group heard Ye Chen’s words and laughed miserably while spitting out a mouthful of blood and sneered, “You …… really think …… you really think you can dominate all things and be omnipotent?! ”

Ye Chen sneered and said indifferently, “I dare not say that I can dominate all things, but to dominate your life and death is as easy as a hand!”

Saying this, Ye Chen instantly waved his hand!

In an instant, several auras struck out in the void, instantly shattering all the light fixtures in the entire corridor!

The entire corridor was suddenly plunged into pitch black!

At this moment, Ye Chen, who had no scruples, took a step forward and squeezed the man’s shoulder blade with his fingers.

At the moment when he was about to die from the poison, Ye Chen sent a ray of spiritual energy into his body, quickly gathering up the toxin that was spreading in his body and sealing it completely with his spiritual energy.

The man had already felt his body stiffen, his breathing, heartbeat and mind almost stop, and he also felt that his whole body had entered a state of near death.

At this time, he had lost the sensation of pain in his limbs, and his entire expression had even surfaced with a few moments of tranquility.

To him, taking poison and dying at this time would be a kind of good death.

However, immediately afterwards, this feeling of his near death was surprisingly drawn out of his body rapidly by a mysterious force!

The stiffness of his body disappeared!

And the rate of breathing and heartbeat rapidly increased!

The tremendous pain from the wounds in his limbs began to return rapidly too!

At this moment, he wasn’t just shocked, he was desperate!

Because what Ye Chen had done was, in his opinion, like a miracle!

At this moment, the other bandits had all died of poison, and the man at the head of the group was the only one still alive.

Ye Chen looked at him with a playful expression and asked, “What did you say just now? That your fate is not in anyone’s hands? Your fate is in the hands of you? Let me tell you, here! I am the sky!”

The man looked at Ye Chen with wide eyes and asked in despair, “You …… How on earth did you do that ……”

Ye Chen said coldly, “Now is not the time for you to ask me questions!”

After saying that, he immediately used his aura to stop the blood from the wounds on his limbs, and at the same time put him into a complete coma.

After doing this, he stood up and stood in the doorway, saying to the An family members in the room, “No one should come out until the show is over!”

The An family could only see a tall black figure standing outside the door at this moment, and everyone wanted to see the dark figure’s features clearly at this moment, but the light was simply too dim, so it was impossible to see clearly.

Subconsciously, An Qishan asked, “I don’t know your name, but I will definitely repay you for saving my life today!”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “No need, please be more careful in the future, next time, you may not be so lucky!”

An Qishan said, “Your Excellency! Today you have saved more than ten members of the An family, please give me a chance to repay your kindness!”

Ye Chen shook his head, “There is no need to repay the favour, we are all sons and daughters of China, I am just helping out when I see injustice.”

Seeing that the other party was unwilling to reveal his identity, An Qishan realised that he should not continue to ask questions inappropriately, so he could only say gratefully, “Then on behalf of the entire An family, I would like to thank you for your kindness!”

Ye Chen was busy saying, “No need! Most of you are old enough to be my elders, so don’t bash me.”