Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4172

When Hattori Kazuo heard these words, his whole body shivered violently in fear.

He really did not expect that Wan Bajun would let himself cut off both of Fei Hao Yang’s ears as soon as he opened his mouth.

Fei Hao Yang was also stunned.

He was the youngest son of the Fei family, and he was a person who no one dared to mess with in New York, but he never thought that this man in front of him would be so vicious as to cut off his own ears, and two of them at that!

Panicked, Fei Hao Yang shouted, “Do you know who I am? I am the young master of the Fei family, Fei Hao Yang! I don’t need to tell you how strong the Fei family really is! If you guys dare to touch a hair on my head, my father and my grandfather will definitely take your lives!”

Wan Bajun looked at Fei Hao Yang and said indifferently, “Let me tell you, my name is Wan Bajun and I am the Hall Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, not to mention a mere grandchild of the Fei family, even if it was your father or your grandfather, as long as Mr. Ye says so, I will kill them all! Even if I kill your Fei family to the point where not even a dog is left, I, Wan Bajun, will not blink an eye!”

Hearing these words, Fei Hao Yang’s entire body instantly felt a whirlwind of heaven and earth.

“Wan Broken Army?! You …… You are Wan Breaking Army?!” Fei Hao Yang was terrified to the extreme and said offhandedly, “Mr. Wan …… Our Fei family has no grudge against you, I have even always looked up to you, why would you lay a dark hand on me?!”

Saying that, he asked again nervously, “And who is Mr. Ye? I’ve never offended anyone surnamed Ye!”

Wan Bajun looked at the time and sneered, “Soon you will know.”

After saying that, he looked at Hattori Kazuo again, pointed at the dagger on the ground and said in a cold voice, “Hattori Kazuo, the order was given by Mr. Ye, I am just relaying it for Mr. Ye, Mr. Ye will come over soon, you better get it done before he comes, otherwise, when the time comes, I will even cut your ears together!”

When Hattori Kazuo heard this, he turned pale with fear and said in a panic, “I’ll cut! I’ll cut it right now!”

Hattori Kazuo was now very clear that he could not mess with Ye Chen by messing with anyone.

It was still the same, if he messed with the Fei family, the Iga ninja would just possibly be exterminated, but if he messed with Ye Chen, the Iga ninja would definitely be exterminated!

So, he did not dare to delay, and hurriedly picked up the dagger and walked towards Fei Hao Yang with a single step.

When Fei Hao Yang heard Wan Bajun say Hattori Kazuo’s name, he immediately realised that this guy was actually the Japanese ninja that Qiao Fei Yun had found to kidnap Gu Qiuyi.

But how could he not understand why the man Qiao Feiyun had found to kidnap Gu Qiuyi would suddenly turn against him to kidnap himself?

Angry, he stared at Hattori Kazuo and angrily rebuked, “You Japanese ninjas are too discredited! Not only did you not do anything after receiving money, but you even turned around and kidnapped your employer! If you don’t believe me, the Fei family will exterminate your entire family!”

Ichio Hattori gave up his life and slapped Fei Hao Yang across the face, saying through clenched teeth, “You b*****ds asked us to kidnap Mr. Ye’s woman. Luckily I didn’t make a big mistake, otherwise the whole Iga ninja would have disappeared from this earth! I can’t even kill you to satisfy my hatred!”

Hattori Kazuo was right.

He was now mad with hatred for this Fei Hoang.

If it wasn’t for him, how could he have come to America to wade through this mess? Although he had saved a dog’s life for now, who knew how Ye Chen would punish himself next?

Thinking of this, he walked forward in a fury, ignoring Fei Hao Yang’s struggle, grabbed his hair, and the dagger flew around twice with great speed.

“AHHH!!! My ear!!!”