Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4559

At this moment, Yang Tiansheng, emboldened, pushed his gla*ses, and then, subconsciously, took a few more steps forward.

In his mind, as long as Hong Yuanshan arrived, he would be invincible today.

All that remained was to torment the man named Ye to relieve his hatred.

However, he was a little surprised that Ye Chen was still sitting casually on the sofa, and his whole body was not nervous at all.

Liu Jiahui, who was sitting at the side, simply sat back on the sofa.

He really wanted to give Yang Tiansheng a hand, but unfortunately, this Yang Tiansheng was about to fall into the cliff without knowing it.

He himself desperately grabbed one of his hands to pull him up first, but unexpectedly he cut back at his own hand with his knife.

This was really forcing himself to let go, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Soon after, Hong Yuanshan came rushing in with more than ten Double Flower Red Sticks in an aggressive manner.

The moment the door opened, Hong Yuanshan was wearing a thick mask, causing Yang Tiansheng to be slightly surprised, but he still recognised this Hongmen boss at a glance.

So, he immediately greeted him attentively and mouthed a compliment, “Mr. Hong, you’re finally here!”

Hong Yuanshan gave him a glance and then bellowed, “Which ungrateful thing is it that dares to be rude to Mr. Ye?!”

Yang Tiansheng was too excited to react for a moment, and subconsciously pointed at the back of Ye Chen’s head and shouted offhandedly, “Mr. Hong, just! Yes! Him!”

After saying that, his mind suddenly short-circuited and he looked blankly at Hong Yuanshan and asked, “Mr. Hong, what did you just say? Ye …… Mr. Ye?!”

At this time, Ye Chen stood up, turned his head to look at Hong Yuanshan and smiled, “Mr. Hong, we meet again.”

When Hong Yuanshan saw Ye Chen, his legs suddenly went a little weak.

The moment his eyes met, his first thought was to kneel down.

Because this person Ye Chen was too terrifying, no matter what the reason was today, it was always better to kneel down first.

However, it was only halfway through that he reacted and thought to himself, “I throw, this isn’t right! I didn’t come here to go against Ye Chen this time, I ran here to gain a good feeling in front of Ye Chen! What the f*ck am I afraid of!”

With this thought, he looked at Yang Tiansheng and gave a fierce slap, directly sending Yang Tiansheng’s gla*ses flying out.

Immediately, he roared in anger, “f*ck Yang Tiansheng, where the hell did you get the guts to shout at Mr. Ye? Did you borrow the guts from your ancestors last night when you stripped your Yang family’s ancestral grave?”

Yang Tiansheng had never dreamed that the person he had called to shake him up would move against him without a word.

So, he covered his face and blurted out, “Mr. Hong, what do you mean by that? I came to you, you asked you to help me with that Ye, why are you beating me up?!”

Hong Yuanshan rushed up to him, raised his hand and slapped him backwards, then took advantage of his unsteady gait and kicked him to the ground.

Yang Tiansheng screamed in pain, but Hong Yuanshan ignored him and stomped him on the chest, saying in a stern voice: “Yang Tiansheng, you’ve really eaten your heart and have the guts! Mr. Ye is like a new parent to me, and you’re asking me to deal with him! You’re not looking for death, are you?”

Yang Tiansheng didn’t care about the severe pain all over his body, his whole body was already instantly dumbfounded.

Even if he had been given eight more heads, he would never have imagined that things would have come to this stage.