Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4121

Then, Yohiko Ito, who had the last laugh, put a lot of pressure on the Iga family, making it difficult for them to fight.

It was only when the Iga clan’s strength plummeted that Yohiko Ito threw in the towel on the shattered ninja clan.

Hattori Hanzo, the current head of the Iga clan, was forced to submit to the Ito clan for the sake of the Iga clan’s future.

The name Hattori Hanzo is really more of a title, and every head of the Iga clan, upon inheriting the clan, changes his or her real name to Hattori Hanzo.

At this moment, this current Hattori Hanzo had just received a phone call from an American.

On the phone, the American, who was a stranger, gave him an offer he could hardly refuse.

That American was willing to offer eight Iga ninja eight million dollars to carry out a mission in the United States.

Although the other party did not specify exactly what the mission was, the offer of eighty million dollars still made Hattori Hanzo’s heart flutter.

Since the destruction of the Matsumoto clan, the Iga clan’s life had become increasingly difficult, and although they were now subservient to the Ito clan, they were not well received by the Ito clan, so few missions were given to them.

As a result, the Iga clan’s financial shortfall is growing.

With the ninja and their families, and the youngsters in training, the Iga family has hundreds of people to feed, and the daily expenses are astronomical.

Not being able to earn money means that many people cannot continue their careers as ninja, and will eventually have to drift into other fields, leading to a decline in the family’s talent.

So, this US$80 million mission instantly excited Hattori Hanzo beyond belief.

If this money came to him, it would be enough for the Iga clan to live on a shoestring for three years!

So he agreed to it almost without a second thought, the only condition being a deposit of at least fifty per cent up front.

The American client was no slouch either.

Within an hour, the huge sum of US$40 million had been credited to the Iga family’s account.

At the same time, the client demanded that their ninja arrive in New York within two days.

Hattori Hanzo knew in his heart that since the other party had given such a large sum of money, it proved that the matter was either extremely dangerous or sinister.

Just like when he had worked with Ryojin Matsumoto, the high rewards came with high risks.

So he even thought that the other party was probably just like Ryojin Matsumoto, who had asked his family’s ninja to do something extremely sinister and poisonous.

However, at this moment, he no longer had the heart to hesitate too much.

For, the entire Iga clan needed money too much to keep going.

Otherwise, this ninja clan, which had been in power since the 16th century alongside Tokugawa Ieyasu, would probably have to leave the stage of the four great ninja clans altogether.

Hattori Hanzo has no choice but to keep the family alive!