Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4551

Hearing Ye Chen’s query, Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, the biggest problem with this child, Manqiong, is that she has never been in love.”

Ye Chen frowned and said, “You want to demolish the snack street, what does it have to do with Miss Manqiong not having been in love?”

Liu Jiahui was busy saying, “Look, don’t look at this child, she is 24 years old this year and is at the age of marriage, but it is because she has never been in love and has been in a blank state emotionally that she has been particularly nostalgic. relied on nostalgia for her mother to fill it.”

Speaking here, Liu Jiahui looked at Ye Chen and said with great meaning, “In fact, the best thing to do now is to let her mature quickly and let her really fall in love, once she starts to fall in love, the gap in her emotions will be filled by the boy she loves instead, by that time, this snack street will not be so important to her. ”

Ye Chen hummed and laughed, “Mr. Liu, I heard from Miss Manqiong that the snack street was bought by you and given to her, technically speaking, it is her property, so she should be consulted if it is to be pushed down and redeveloped.”

Liu Jiahui could hear that Ye Chen was somewhat defending Liu Manqiong, and instead of being angry, he was overjoyed in his heart.

So, he looked at Ye Chen and promised very seriously, “Mr. Ye, don’t worry, I will definitely seek Manqiong’s consent on this matter, and I don’t want to tear it down and redevelop it right away, it’s better to wait until Manqiong has found her husband of choice and started her own life, then I will seek her opinion.”

Saying that, he added deliberately and very seriously, “Besides, I have also planned long ago that all my shares in the centre here will be taken as Manqiong’s future dowry by then, and whoever marries her will be the boss of this place!”

Ye Chen laughed and did not say anything more.

He felt that Liu Jiahui’s words should just be for his own ears, the odds were that he had already set his plans, and even if Liu Manqiong didn’t agree, he would still be hell-bent on redeveloping it.

However, Ye Chen did not say any more, because although Liu Jiahui was now in high spirits, he would teach him to behave himself by the afternoon.

By then, he himself would definitely make an appointment with him, and this would include making him make a promise that he would be required to never go against Liu Manqiong’s opinion in the handling of the snack street.

The motorcade then drove into an office building held by Liu Jiahui himself.

Liu Jiahui warmly invited Ye Chen into his own special lift and said to him, “Mr. Ye, the largest entertainment company on Hong Kong Island is based in my building, and their boss, Yang Tiansheng, is very close to me, so if you are interested in getting to know him, I can ask him to come up later and we can have a cup of tea and get to know each other.”

With that, Liu Jiahui said to Ye Chen with a look of you-know-what, “At least half of the female celebrities in Hong Kong Island are signed to Yang Tiansheng’s company, if you have any interested ones, I can also ask them to introduce you to each other.”

To Liu Jiahui, he was himself an expert in indulging in flamboyance, so even though he very much wanted Ye Chen to be his future son-in-law, he still felt that a real man should be as dashing and comfortable as he was, and a few more women would have been a matter of elegance, no big deal.

However, Ye Chen had no interest in Hong Kong Island actresses, his expression was cold as he waved his hand and spoke, “No need Mr. Liu, I have heard of the chaos in your circle, I don’t dare say I am out of the mud, at least I won’t take the initiative to jump into the cesspool.”

When Liu Jiahui heard this, he froze, knowing that Ye Chen must not like the chaotic female celebrities in the entertainment industry, and that he had accidentally kissed a horse’s a*s, so he said awkwardly, “Mr. Ye misunderstood, in fact, I don’t mix with that circle either, I am like Mr. Ye, I am also relatively clean!”

“Fine, fine.” Ye Chen said perfunctorily and couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, causing Liu Jiahui to be somewhat groundless.

At this time, the lift prompted that it had reached the top floor, then the door opened and Liu Jiahui said solicitously, “Come Mr. Ye, this way please, have a seat in my office first.”

Ye Chen nodded and followed Liu Jiahui out of the lift, then he saw two young, beautiful, tall, beautiful women in short skirts and uniforms at the entrance of the lift bowing very respectfully and saying, “Good day, Chairman!”

Liu Jiahui hurriedly pointed at Ye Chen and said to the two, “This is my honoured guest, Mr. Ye, hurry up and say hello to Mr. Ye!”