Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3890

At this moment, Fei Ke Xin felt that all her planning and rhythm had been instantly disrupted by Ye Chen’s sudden invitation.

She did not even know what exactly Ye Chen’s purpose in doing so was.

Did he really just simply want to invite himself to this auction, or had he sensed his motives long ago, so he had deliberately put his plan into action.

Therefore, she did not know how to react for a while.

Just when she was at a loss for words, Ye Chen asked a follow-up question, “Miss Zhan, are you not interested in this kind of auction? Actually, you don’t have to worry too much, I’m not a trustee who helps auctions pull in customers, I just thought this auction might be more interesting, so I wanted to invite you, a guest who came from afar, to come over to enjoy it and pa*s the boring time as well.”

Saying that, Ye Chen gave a laugh and said, “After all, I’ve been married too, so it would be more or less inappropriate if I were to invite you to a movie, but it doesn’t matter if Miss Zhan isn’t interested, don’t have any psychological burden.”

Ye Chen’s words eased Fei Ke Xin’s nervousness and she hurriedly said, “No no, I’m still quite interested in this kind of occasion.”

Saying that, in order not to show that she knew something about this auction, she even pretended to be curious and asked, “Mr. Ye, may I ask what this auction you are talking about is about?”

Ye Chen knew that Fei Kexin was acting, so he casually laughed and said, “Most of them are some antique paintings and calligraphy, other than that, there is a very niche, but very miraculous effect medicine, I wonder if Miss Zhan would like to appreciate the face?”

Fei Ke Xin was very conflicted in her heart, because her grandfather had already taken Yuan Zixu to live in Buckingham Palace, so this auction, she had originally prepared herself mentally that she would not be able to enter.

However, now that a VIP seat was suddenly available, she naturally wanted to go in and see what it was like.

However, she was worried that if she went, she would be bumped into by some acquaintances.

Other than that, Master Lai Qing Hua Lai recognized her, so if she met Master Lai in front of Ye Chen then, she wouldn’t even know how to round up the situation.

Thinking of this, she realised that she still had to put the bigger picture first and must not reveal her true identity in front of Ye Chen before the auction started.

So she said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I am quite interested in the auction, but I am still more or less uncomfortable with the occasion of throwing my head in the sand ……”

Ye Chen smiled, “There is no need to worry about that Miss Zhan, as a VIP, you can choose to sit in the VIP seats in the first row or in the VIP box on the first floor, if you like to keep a low profile, then you can just sit in the VIP box.”

Fei Ke Xin relaxed a little, in that case, the only person she needed to worry about was Mr Lai Lao.

So, she asked curiously, “Mr Ye, this auction you are talking about, how many VIPs are there in total, and will the other VIPs also be sitting in the VIP box then?”

Ye Chen knew what she was worried about and immediately said, “Don’t worry Miss Zhan, there are only four VIPs in total this time, and you are the fourth one, other than you, all the other VIPs will be sitting in the first row then, and you won’t have any interactions with them if you choose the VIP box.”

Fei Ke Xin sighed with relief, in that case, she basically had nothing to worry about.

So she smiled and said, “That’s great, I don’t like to show my face, but I’d love to see the world! This is a great arrangement!”

Saying that, Fei Ke Xin deliberately asked, “By the way, Mr. Ye, are you organising this auction?”

“No.” Ye Chen said casually, “How can I afford to hold any auction, I just know the organizer and promised to do them a little favor, so I got a VIP entrance ticket from them.”