Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3877

The mother, who was holding her baby, was unable to chase him and let him escape.

Back at the shop, Vivian was out of breath and hadn’t even had time to catch her breath when she saw all her colleagues crying as if they had lost a million dollars.

The shop manager, in particular, had red eyes that looked as if he had just cried.

So he hurriedly went up to them and asked, “Shop manager, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong?”

The shopkeeper looked at him and angrily kicked him to the ground, cursing furiously, “Wang Dalong! You f*cking son of a b*tch! I’ve been screwed by you this time!”

When the other colleagues saw him coming back, they all became furious, and several male colleagues rushed up like mad and punched and kicked him.

They shouted, “D*mn it, Wang Dalong! You’ve f*cking screwed the whole shop! I’ll beat you to death!”

“f*ck, I’ll knock all this motherf*cker’s dog teeth out! Beat the sh*t out of him!”

A few female colleagues were not willing to be outdone, and they also tried to scratch him in the face, with one of them shouting hysterically, “Wang Dalong, you’ve ruined my career! I’m going to fight you!”

Wang Dalong is vivian’s real name.

The shop was full of people with English names, such as Tommy, Helen, Elizabeth, and so on, but when they took out their ID cards, they had names like Lijuan, Jianguo, Xueqin, Fugui, and so on.

Wang Dalong was dumbfounded by all the punches and kicks, and rolled on the ground while covering his head and shouting: “Oh my God, help! Why are you hitting me? What did I do to you or did I P*ss you off?”

The shop manager got down, pulled him by the collar and punched him in the face, causing his nose to bleed from both nostrils, and cursed, “You have the f*cking nerve to ask! French HQ just sent an email! Just because you raised your allotment with f*cking impunity, French HQ informed the whole group of our shop and all of us by our real names, and fired us on the spot for lack of ethics and for touching the group’s red line!”

“And even the shops were asked to close immediately, ready to be officially withdrawn when the group sends someone to take stock of the goods and reconcile the accounts!”

“Half of the world’s luxury brands are in the hands of the Group, and now we’ve been given a Group-wide notice that no luxury shop will ever hire us again! All of us have been killed by you!”

Wang Dalong was so dumbfounded that he blurted out, “Store manager, I’m innocent! I didn’t tell him to put so much on that order today, he wanted to put so much on it. ……”

The shop manager punched him hard in the face again and cursed, “You’re still f*cking tough! You’re the one who’s f*cking money-minded! That bag has never been over 300,000 in our shop! If you really had any f*cking sense, why didn’t you tell the customer that it was only 300,000?”

“I ……” Wang Dalong froze momentarily, and only after a moment did he stammer, “I …… wasn’t thinking that I could just make a little more money …… And it’s his own willingness, I wouldn’t say anything to mess with money ……”

He remembered the Porsche and asked nervously, “By the way, the shop manager …… fired us, what about my commission this month? Will it be paid to me directly when I go through the severance procedure, or will it wait until next month to be paid together with this month’s salary?”