Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3966

Hearing this news, the crowd’s lost mood was immediately eased.

What they feared most was that there would be too few Spring Return Pills, and if only two were put up for auction each year, the price would only get higher and higher, and if they couldn’t afford them today, they still wouldn’t be able to afford them come next year.

However, since the organisers would also provide other channels to obtain them, this would be one more opportunity for everyone.

Song Wanting spoke up at this time, “Now, please exit the venue in an orderly manner and return to the hotel. Those bidders who were successful in bidding on other items just now, please go back to your rooms and wait for a while, our staff will deliver the successful bids to your rooms. However, I would like to remind you that your rooms will only be reserved until 12 noon tomorrow at the latest, so if you need to renew your stay, please confirm with the front desk before 10am tomorrow.”

With that, Song Wanting smiled slightly and continued, “Once again, thank you for coming tonight and I hope to see you all next year! Thank you all!”

The crowd gave a standing ovation, and after seeing Song Wanting exit from the backstage, everyone left their seats and returned to their rooms.

Some of them were planning to leave tonight, but before they did, they also had to go back to their rooms to change out of their clothes, otherwise wearing these numbered outfits gave them the feeling as if they were prisoners in a prison.

Just as the bidders on the scene were returning to their rooms, an ambulance sped out of the hospital.

Three minutes earlier, the 120 emergency centre had received an emergency call for a patient who had suffered a heart attack at Jinmao Mansion, a high-end condominium in Jinling priced at up to 80,000 per square metre, so the 120 emergency centre had directly a*signed the task to the nearest central hospital to Jinmao Mansion.

The central hospital, in turn, immediately a*signed the task to the ambulance that was whistling away.

When the ambulance arrived at Jinmao Mansion, four paramedics got out of the vehicle, all wearing white coats, masks and medical caps, no one could see their faces, but they were three men and one woman.

The four men took the lift to the top floor of the Golden Mile and followed the number of the door where the emergency call was made to flat 2501.

However, at this time, there was no heart patient in this flat. Waiting in the living room at this time were four medical personnel, also dressed in white coats, masks and hats, also three men and one woman.

Not only were these four dressed like the four who came in the ambulance, they were almost identical in size.

Apart from them, there were three other people standing in the room, namely Hong Wu and his right-hand man Ma Zhongliang, as well as Zhang Ermao, who had just recently followed Hong Wu as a military man.

As soon as the two groups met, Hong Wu immediately said to the four disguised medical personnel beside him, “You four, hurry up and put Zhongliang on a stretcher and bring him to the ambulance!”

The doctor dressed as the leader of the four immediately said, “Yes, Master Wu, we’re on our way!”

Zhang Ermao reminded, “From now on until you get into the car and leave, you four must not look up at the surveillance, so as not to be seen, got it?”

The man nodded his head in a hurry, “Understood!”

“Good!” Zhang Ermao said seriously, “There’s no time to lose, you guys hurry up and get going!”

Hong Wu said to Ma Zhongliang at this time, “Zhongliang, quickly lie down on the stretcher, rest well in the hospital for the next few days.”

Ma Zhongliang grinned and waved his hand, “Okay, Master Wu, then I’ll go to the hospital to recuperate for a few days!”

Soon, Ma Zhongliang was lying on the stretcher, followed by four paramedics who carried him out.

After they had left, Hong Wu said to the four people who had just gotten out of the ambulance, “Your clothes are all ready for you, hurry up and change, let’s leave in ten minutes!”

The four paramedics took off their masks and hats, and the female among them was Fei Kexin, the eldest Miss of the Fei family, and of the three males next to her, one was her grandfather Fei Jianzhong, one was Yuan Zixu, Fei Jianzhong’s personal bodyguard, and the other, a five-star war general from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

At this moment, Fei Ke Xin said to the two men with great gratitude, “It’s hard for you two to come up with such a good way to help us get out of this, I’m really grateful to you two!”

Hong Wu waved his hand, pointed at Zhang Ermao and said, “It was all the idea of this military master of mine.”

Zhang Ermao was busy saying, “I am also sharing Master Ye’s worries, this is all my part!”

Just now, Zhang Ermao had given Hong Wu this idea, using an emergency call and a few of Hong Wu’s men to play a golden cicada to get the three of them out of the hospital unnoticed.

If someone really came to Jinling to inquire about the whereabouts of the three, it would be impossible to trace them to this line.

Moreover, even if they did, they would not be able to find any clues.

Because the hospital has emergency vehicles out many times a day very frequently, and the alarm call was genuine, the four medical staff were stealing the day, and Ma Zhongliang had a genuine heart problem, not a fraudulent illness.

The man usually smoked and drank, and a lot of fish and meat to eat and drink, regular heart discomfort, several blood vessels have long been signs of blockage, the doctor has long advised him to put a few stents, but he has been dragging not to go, so Hong Wu will let him simply take this opportunity today, with a play, by the way to the hospital to put the stents.

As the saying goes, if you do a full set of drama, a real phone call, a real emergency, a real patient, you can be sure that even if the Fei family comes, they will definitely not be able to find out the four, five or six.