Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4257


When Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi arrived at Chen Zhaozhong’s roast goose restaurant, Chen Zhaozhong was busy tidying up with the staff.

It was long after noon and there were no customers in the restaurant. Gu Qiuyi was not worried about being recognised, so she just put on a mask and walked into the restaurant with Ye Chen.

As soon as the two of them walked through the door, the sensor at the entrance gave a ding to alert that a customer had come in. The busy staff said without looking up, “Sorry, we are already closed.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Feel free to fix us something to eat, we both haven’t eaten until now.”

When Chen Zhao Zhong heard Ye Chen’s voice, he turned his head and saw that he and Gu Qiuyi had come together, so he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Why haven’t you two eaten at this hour?”

Gu Qiuyi took Ye Chen’s arm and said daintily, “Hello Uncle Zhong!”

Ye Chen also said smilingly, “Uncle Zhong, we went around to Fei’s house at noon and wanted to have a meal, but in the end we couldn’t.”

Gu Qiuyi muttered in a disgruntled manner, “You were the one who insisted on making the Fei family drink, and ended up getting them drunk, causing them to be in no mood to eat.”

When Chen Zhao Zhong heard this, he said with a smile, “Aiyo, it seems there is a bit of a story here, you two hurry up and sit down upstairs, I will prepare some food for you two, let’s sit down later and talk to me properly.”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled and said, “Uncle Zhong, then we will go up and wait for you.”

Gu Qiuyi also smiled and said, “Uncle Zhong, I want to eat roast squab, two of them!”

Chen Zhao Zhong laughed and said, “Good, you guys go upstairs first, I’ll go and get ready.”

Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi went up the stairs together, but before they could reach the first floor, they heard another ding from the door, followed by a somewhat familiar voice saying, “Boss, two of you.”

Ye Chen subconsciously stopped in his tracks, crouched down slightly, and through the gap in the stairs, he saw the two people who had entered.

The one who spoke was none other than his great uncle, An Chongqiu, and the one standing beside his great uncle was the famous Chinese detective Li Yalin.

However, today’s Li Yalin did not have the same elegance as the last time Ye Chen had seen him, and his beard was scruffy and he looked very uninspired.

Seeing this, Ye Chen hurriedly pulled Gu Qiuyi and the two of them quickly went upstairs first.

Gu Qiuyi had just followed Ye Chen and quietly poked around, and also recognised Li Yalin, but she didn’t know why Ye Chen seemed to be deliberately avoiding him, and hastily lowered her voice and asked, “Brother Ye Chen, you wouldn’t have any clues that that Inspector Li has got hold of, would you?”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “I’m not avoiding him, I’m avoiding that person beside him.”

Gu Qiuyi hurriedly asked, “Brother Ye Chen, who is that person?”

Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “That person is my great uncle.”

“Huh?!” Gu Qiuyi asked in surprise, “It’s your great uncle? Then aren’t we going to say hello?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “He doesn’t know about me yet, so he’s still missing.”

Gu Qiuyi said in confusion, “Why …… my father said that your grandfather’s family is eager to find out where you are, wouldn’t it be nice if we could reconnect?”

Ye Chen let out a light sigh and spoke, “It’s better to forget it.”


On the other side, when Chen Zhao Zhong saw An Chong Qiu, he couldn’t help but say with some surprise, “Sir, you haven’t been here for a while.”

After saying that, he looked at Li Yalin at the side and first stared, and then said with a shocked face, “This …… person should be the famous Chinese detective Inspector Li, right?”

In fact, Chen Zhao Zhong was more or less nervous at this time because, on the night when Fei Hao Yang disappeared, he and Li Yalin had met at the Wangfu Hotel.

However, at that time, Chen Zhao Zhong had put on a suit and tie, and had specially shaved and styled his hair, looking like a handsome upper-cla*s uncle, which was a big contrast to his current image of an ordinary restaurant owner wearing an apron, so he deliberately took the initiative to ask, hoping that this would lead Li Yalin to think that they were meeting for the first time, as a kind of attack instead of defence.