Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4290

Fei Xuebin was also nervous and blurted out, “Dad, our Fei family estate has three power lines, and we spent a lot of money to find electrical talents from China to make a foolproof power supply system, these three lines belong to different power supply companies, any problem with the power supply of any one or even any two companies will not affect our normal use of electricity ……”

The three lines belong to different power supply companies, any one or even any two companies’ power supply problems will not affect our normal use of electricity ……” said Fei Xuebin and said, “And …… also at that time, grandfather also let those professionals, underground in the estate to make a large-capacity backup battery and generator set, in extreme cases, once the three power supply lines all fail, our battery set can seamlessly switch, continue to provide us with At the same time, the diesel generator set buried underground will also start immediately, with our diesel reserves, even if we lose power for a year, we can still completely cope, there should not be such a complete power failure ……”

Fei Shanhai said in a panic, “The situation that shouldn’t have occurred has occurred, that means you’re talking about all the backup measures going wrong!”

“That can’t be right!” Fei Xuebin blurted out, “We have a team of over 30 engineers dedicated to the daily maintenance and upkeep of this equipment, how could it all go wrong at once?”

Fei Shanhai blurted out, “Why do you need to ask? It must have been Ye who started it! He must have done this!”

“That’s not possible either ……” Fei Xuebin said offhandedly, “If you want to say he cut our power lines from the outside, that’s possible, but our batteries and generator sets are built underground, as are the emergency shelters Without our blueprints, they might not be able to find them, and even if they could locate them, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to get in. ……”

This just finished, all the lights suddenly came back on.

Fei Xuebin breathed a sigh of relief and said offhandedly, “There’s power again, I guess the system is malfunctioning somehow.”

Still frowning, Fei Shanhai spoke, “With such a complete power supply system, how could there still be such a malfunction?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard someone outside suddenly shout in panic, “Everyone, be careful, I feel like someone is sneaking in!”

The Fei family instantly became nervous, when someone else shouted outside, “Oh no! The brothers outside have all lost contact!”

“Quick! Quickly turn on the safety and fire if you see anyone!”

Fei Xuebin said in a panic, “Could someone really have sneaked in? It couldn’t be that Ye, could it?”

After that, he looked at Fei Shanhai and blurted out, “Dad! That Ye is a martial arts master, in case he bypa*ses the others and directly captures the thief first, we’ll be in trouble!”

When Fei Shanhai heard this, he was equally frightened and said, “Quick! Get the bodyguards in! Protect me closely!”

As he was saying that, he heard a very thick voice from outside, “I am Wan Bajun, the Master of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall! If you bodyguards don’t want to die, you should put down your guns, raise your hands and surrender!”

“If you surrender, I guarantee on my character that I will not make things difficult for you!”

“But if any of you dare to make an enemy of the Dragon Palace and resist, I will not only make his head fall to the ground, but after today, I will also make his family’s life worse than death!”