Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4488

When Liu Manqiong’s hand was grabbed by Ye Chen, her first reaction was as if she was electrocuted and wanted to break free, but Ye Chen’s grip was so strong that Liu Manqiong could not pull it out.

Moreover, she did not dare to pull it out brazenly.

If she did so, she was afraid that Zhong Zitao would see through the trick between them. Then she would really lose the chicken and lose the rice.

So, she could only suppress the anger in her heart and said to Ye Chen, “You’d better do what you say!”

After saying that, she said to Ye Chen, “Let’s go!”

Zhong Zitao’s face turned blue and he asked offhandedly, “Manqiong! Who is this guy?!”

Liu Manqiong was still being held by Ye Chen’s hand and was in a very annoyed mood, so she said in a bad mood, “Didn’t you hear what I just said? He’s my fiance!”

“How could that be!” Zhong Zitao said furiously as if his tail had been stepped on, “My dad had dinner with Uncle Liu just last week, and Uncle Liu said he was very much in favour of me being with you. He also said you’ve never been in a relationship and he wants me to step up my game, and it’s only been a week. How come you have a fiancé?”

Liu Manqiong pointed her left hand at the right hand held by Ye Chen and said with a serious expression, “You also know that I have never been in a relationship, if he wasn’t my fiancé, how could I let him hold my hand? I would have slapped him a long time ago!”

Ye Chen knew that Liu Manqiong was saying this to himself, so he yelled at Zhong Zitao with a stiff face, “What do you mean? Trying to pick up my fiancee? If you dare to pester my fiancée again, watch out for me slapping you to death!”

After that, he turned his face to Liu Manqiong and asked seriously, “Honey, is this manly enough for me?”

Liu Manqiong was so depressed that she wanted to die, but she could only say stiffly, “Enough is enough …… you have changed so quickly all of a sudden, I am not quite accustomed to it ……”

Zhong Zitao was furious at this time and pointed at Ye Chen and cursed, “What the f*ck is your origin? How dare you talk to me Zhong Zitao like that, haven’t you heard of the Four Little Dragons of Hong Kong Island?!”

Ye Chen shook his head and said with a bewildered expression, “What Four Little Dragons of Hong Kong Island? I’m from the Mainland, I’ve never heard of them.”

“I throw it!” Zhong Zitao gritted his teeth and said, “You haven’t even heard of the Four Little Dragons of Hong Kong Island, and you dare to pretend in front of me, believe it or not, I’ll let you come and go this time!”

Ye Chen hurriedly asked Liu Manqiong with an alarmed expression, “Honey, who are the Four Little Dragons of Hong Kong Island? Is it a big deal?”

Liu Manqiong’s hand had been held by Ye Chen. The mood was very depressed, and said with a face of life and death: “The head …… comes is quite big, his father is a big tycoon Zhong Yunqiu, who is in the top five of Hong Kong Island’s power ranking. And has a deep relationship with the famous Hongmen, belongs to the kind that can eat both ways.”

Ye Chen was surprised beyond belief and asked, “Huh? What should I do then? Can that future father-in-law of mine help me set things right?”

Liu Manqiong shook her head, “My father can’t say anything at Hongmen, so he shouldn’t be able to set things right.”

Saying that, she saw that Ye Chen seemed really scared, so she spoke, “But if you’re scared, just say so, I’ll let my dad arrange for you to run away. If you leave Hong Kong Island, they shouldn’t do anything to you.”

Zhong Zitao also overheard the conversation between the two and bellowed coldly, “Kid. You want to run away even though you’ve f*cking P*ssed me off? Let me tell you, if you don’t kneel down in front of me and kowtow to me three times and slap yourself a hundred times today, I, Zhong Zitao, will definitely not let you go!”

Ye Chen raised his eyes to look at Zhong Zitao and asked with a puzzled expression, “Are you joking with me?”