Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4188

At this point, the maid had long been lamed by Qiao Feiyun’s series of flowery words.

Hearing Qiao Feiyun say that he would also package a brand new identity and background for himself, this instantly poked at a sensitive place in her heart that had always been humble and fragile.

This made her heart simply burst with gratitude towards Qiao Feiyun, feeling that this man was the angel who had brought her from the abyss to heaven.

So, she did not have the slightest doubt about what Qiao Feiyun said. Gratefully, she agreed to do so.

Qiao Feiyun was temporarily relieved.

He knew that he was in an awkward position and that staying at the Fei family was only temporarily safe, but it was still a crisis, so he had to prepare in advance.

So, he wrapped his arm around the maid and continued to compel, “One more thing Xiao Yuan, if you hear anyone in the Fei family mention my name, make sure you tell me first, and leave my mobile number for a while.”

The maid had been completely brainwashed by him at this point. Without hesitation, she nodded her head and said firmly, “Don’t worry, Young Master Qiao, I will definitely keep a good eye on it.”

“Good ……” Qiao Feiyun nodded his head. Exchanging mobile phone numbers with the maid, he then instructed, “Then hurry over and see if you can find out anything.”

The maid said shyly, “Young Master Qiao …… people …… people have just handed over their shifts, there’s nothing going on at the moment …… or… . why don’t I stay with you for a while, okay?”

Qiao Feiyun was like a human being, how could he not see what this maid meant.

However, right now, he didn’t have the leisure to think about those male and female matters.

So he suppressed his impatience and said, “This is an urgent matter, let’s get down to business first, in case anything goes wrong, then the two of us might not have a chance to get together.”

As soon as the maid heard this, her heart shook and she nodded hastily, “Okay Young Master Qiao, then I’ll go over there and see if there’s anything I can do to help!”

Qiao Feiyun nodded in satisfaction and said, “Go quickly and don’t forget to tell me first when you have any news!”

“Okay ……” the maid promised. Only then did she leave Qiao Feiyun’s room with reluctance.

After she left, Qiao Feiyun cursed this woman for not having half a clue about herself, while at the same time, he felt pain for his limited edition Richard Mille watch. After she left, Qiao Feiyun cursed the woman for not having any self-awareness, while feeling distressed by his limited edition Richard Miller watch.

The Qiao family was already worth hundreds of billions. But a large part of it is the money he has been able to get back on his knees, little by little, with great care.

In order to earn this money, he didn’t know how many, and the same young woman as that maid just now, he had killed.

So how could he afford to waste a multi-million dollar watch on such a woman.

However. He quickly thought of an idea and wondered, “If this can pa*s peacefully, then before I leave the Fei family. I’ll just trick her out, have her arrested, get the watch back, and then sell her. But it’s still easy to sell her for a hundred thousand dollars or so, and those Algerian gangs can make that money back in two or three years if they get her to Eastern Europe!”

Thinking of this, Qiao Feiyun’s heart finally felt better.

I guess there was no getting away with this watch.


At the same time, several videos suddenly caught fire on the internet.

The difference with the previous Fei Xuebin street kissing prostitutes is that. These videos, captured the follow up of Fei Xuebin’s pa*sionate kissing of the prostitute.

When people saw Fei Xuebin getting two human ears from the prostitute, everyone thought they were blinded.

And when people saw Fei Xuebin holding the two human ears. When people saw Fei Xuebin holding the two human ears, howling and crying and calling out his son Fei Hao Yang’s name under his breath, everyone was dumbstruck!