Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4029

After dinner, Guo Lei diligently drove his boss’s Rolls Royce and came to wait in front of Auntie Li’s house.

                Ye Chen came out of the villa alone, with a huge sports bag on his shoulder.

                Inside, the bag was filled with the two million Canadian dollars he had just cashed in today, in addition to all the materials for the cargo ship he had just bought.

                When Guo Lei saw Ye Chen, his eyes immediately burst out with the light of money and he hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat of the Rolls-Royce for Ye Chen in advance, and when Ye Chen came to him, he said with a respectful face, “Mr. Ye, please get in!”

                Ye Chen nodded and was about to throw his bag into the car when Guo Lei hurriedly reached over first and said with a smile, “Come, come, let me help you put the bag in!”

                Ye Chen didn’t refuse, so he watched as he struggled to put the bag into the seat inside.

                Guo Lei casually asked, “Mr. Ye, this bag is heavy enough for you, what’s in it?”

                Ye Chen casually said, “Of course it’s filled with cash.”

                Guo Lei couldn’t help but stick out a thumb and exclaimed, “Mr. Ye is really rich, it’s beyond the reach of a small character like me.”

                Ye Chen laughed, did not reply and bent down to sit in the car.

                Guo Lei jogged all the way back to the driver’s cab, and just as he got in, he started the car while respectfully saying to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, after our boss heard about you, he also felt that you were a particularly generous person and very worthy of friendship, so today he specially put off other things and personally waited for you at the casino, intending to get to know you. “

                Ye Chen nodded gently and asked, “Is your boss planning to play a couple of games tonight as well?”

                Guo Lei smiled, “It depends on you, if you want to play a couple of games with our boss, he shouldn’t refuse.”

                Ye Chen smiled, “Fine, let’s go and get to know each other first.”

                Guo Lei once again drove Ye Chen to the underground casino from yesterday. Inside the casino today, the environment was much better than yesterday, the hygiene had just been cleaned, some greenery and decorations had been added, and even the air was filled with the smell of high-grade aromatherapy.

                The waiters in suits from yesterday had disappeared and were replaced by a group of beautifully dressed, sexy casino bunny girls.

                Guo Lei led Ye Chen inside while introducing him attentively, “Mr. Ye, after listening to some of your comments yesterday, we overnighted an all-round overhaul of the casino, which we hope will satisfy you.”

                Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “It’s indeed better than yesterday.”

                Guo Lei smiled heatedly and pointed to the innermost part of the casino and said to Ye Chen, “There is a VIP room inside, our boss is already waiting for you inside, please follow me!”

                Ye Chen followed Guo Lei to the door of the VIP room, Guo Lei knocked on the door, inside was a box of about 20 to 30 square meters, the box was quite well decorated, in the middle was a gambling table that could accommodate ten people, in front of the table sat a white man with a full beard, his age was about forty years old.

                Guo Lei smiled and said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, this is the owner of our group, Mr Andre Ritchie.”

                Then, he hurriedly said to Ritchie, “Boss, this is what I told you about, my compatriot from China, Mr. Ye!”

                With a smile on his face, Andre Ritchie stood up and said to Ye Chen with a big brother’s attitude, “Hello, Mr. Ye! I am Andre Ritchie, you can call me Andre, welcome to Vancouver, if you have any trouble in Vancouver, or if you need any help from me, you can always contact Guo Lei.”

                Ye Chen smiled slightly and said casually, “Thank you for your kindness, but I’m here in Vancouver to run some errands and play a couple of games with you on the side, so there shouldn’t be anything that I need to trouble you with.”