Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4030

                Speaking of this, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and casually laughed, “But if you have the chance to go to China in the future, you can contact me if you encounter something there, listen carefully I am talking about the whole of China, not just limited to a certain city, I am still somewhat capable in the country.”

                Andre Ritchie’s heart became a little annoyed after hearing this.

                He could probably understand the meaning of Ye Chen’s words, which meant that he had some power in the whole of China, unlike himself, who only had some power in one city like Vancouver.

                This was a clear indication that he did not think highly of himself.

                So, he immediately became a bit angry in his heart.

                According to his brutal character, if he dared to humiliate him to his face, he would first beat his head into a pig’s head with a heavy fist and then break his teeth off one by one with a vise.

                However, thinking that Ye Chen was a god of wealth who had come to deliver money, he would not have a problem with money even if he was upset in his heart, so he smiled sarcastically and asked, “Since Mr. Ye wants to play a couple of games, I wonder how exactly he wants to play?”

                Ye Chen casually laughed and said, “Any way you want to play, it’s all a game anyway.”

                As he said that, he unzipped his backpack and poured two million Canadian dollars in cash onto the table and said to Guo Lei, “Here, exchange all this money for chips, I’m leaving Canada tomorrow, so let’s play tonight!”

                Guo Lei was dumbfounded at the sight of the two million dollars in cash, while Andrea Ricci, who was standing by, couldn’t help but stare in disbelief.

                Andre had just become the boss of this Italian group not long ago and had not ama*sed much money, the Rolls-Royce that brought Ye Chen to the casino was still bought with the money earned from the abduction of young girls, the casino had not been doing well recently and the income was not stable, so he had never really seen two million in cash piled up together.

                How could he not be excited when he saw that Ye Chen had sent him so much money?

                As long as he ate up Ye Chen’s money, he would be able to take 90% of it with him when he went home!

                The displeasure he felt just now was temporarily pushed to the bottom of his heart, and he said to Ye Chen with a smile, “Mr Ye is really something else! In that case, then I will play with Mr. Ye today.”

                Saying that, he said to Guo Lei, “Hurry up and change the chips, and invite the lotteries over.”

                “Good!” Guo Lei was busy collecting all those cash from Ye Chen, and then laboriously carried a large bag of cash out.

                Soon after, he arranged for two rabbit girls, each carrying a large tray full of large chips, to walk in.

                The two rabbit girls each carried their chips to Ye Chen and Andre’s side. The rabbit girl beside Ye Chen kept scratching her head and said to Ye Chen in a crispy voice, “Sir, here are your two million chips, please check them!”

                Ye Chen waved his hand, “Isn’t it just one million nine hundred and eighty thousand? What else is there to check.”

                The rabbit girl said in a panic: “Sir, you must not misunderstand, here is a whole two million chips, not one million nine hundred and eighty thousand …… you can count it yourself if you are not sure!”

                Ye Chen smiled, smoothly picked up two ten thousand chips and tossed them to the rabbit girl, saying indifferently, “Look, isn’t it one million nine hundred and eighty thousand now?”