Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4021

After the four of them had eaten happily, Claudia and Li Xiaofen were helping Auntie Li clean up the table and kitchen when Guo Lei’s call came to Claudia’s mobile phone.

When Claudia got through, Guo Lei told her, “Older sister, I’ve arrived at Xiaofen’s doorstep, so tell that buddy to come out.”

Claudia said, “Wait for a moment, I’ll talk to Mr. Ye.”

With that, Claudia hung up the phone and came to Ye Chen’s side, whispering, “Ye Xian …… brother Ye Chen, Guo Lei has already arrived at the door.”

Ye Chen nodded and greeted Li Xiaofen, “Xiaofen, if you don’t have anything to do, why don’t you accompany me out for a walk?”

Li Xiaofen knew that Ye Chen was going to Guo Lei’s casino, so she immediately said, “Sure, Brother Ye Chen, wait for me.”

After that, she said to Auntie Li, “Auntie Li, I’ll take Brother Ye Chen out for a walk, you don’t have to clean up the dishes, just ask Claudia to put them in the dishwasher later.”

Auntie Li laughed, “I’ve got nothing to do, why don’t you and Claudia accompany Ye Chen for a walk around?”

Claudia faintly stared and subconsciously said, “I …… won’t go if I …… stay and help you clean up.”

The uninformed Aunt Li said with a smile, “No, I can clean up myself, you can go along, don’t always stay at home after work.”

Claudia considered briefly for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay Auntie Li, then I’ll go around with Sister Fanny and Brother Ye Chen ……”

Claudia really wasn’t too sure in her heart and also wanted to follow Ye Chen over to have a look.

Ye Chen did not mind, as long as Claudia herself was willing to go, he had no problem at all.

So, the three of them went out the door together.

Outside the gate at this moment, a brand new Rolls-Royce Obsidian was parked behind Li Xiaofen’s second-hand Chevrolet.

In the driver’s seat, Guo Lei, who had medium-length hair, tossed his head with a burnished face and waved to the three of them, smiling, “Here it is!”

Claudia took a look at the Leslie and asked curiously, “Newly replaced?”

Guo Lei said with a smile, “How can I afford such an expensive car, it was newly replaced by the boss, I borrowed it to use it.”

Saying that, he smiled at Ye Chen and said, “Buddy, I heard from my cousin that you want to go to the venue to play a few games?”

Ye Chen nodded and said casually, “My hands are itching, I can’t sleep without playing a couple of games.”

Guo Lei laughed, “I think Claudia has introduced you to my side of the game, right?”

Ye Chen brushed aside his mouth and ignored him, but said to Li Xiaofen at the side, “Xiaofen, open your trunk.”

Li Xiaofen nodded and unlocked her used Chevrolet with the car key.

Ye Chen walked straight to the rear of the car, opened the trunk and took the three hundred thousand Canadian dollars in cash, out of the boot.

Three hundred thousand Canadian dollars, Ye Chen carried it directly in a translucent plastic bag, Guo Lei saw the bundles of cash inside at a glance, and was instantly delighted, thinking: “Li Xiaofen, this brother who appeared from nowhere, seems to be a really rich master ……”

At this time, Ye Chen carried the front, walked straight to the Rolls Royce pa*senger side, pulled open the door and sat inside.

Afterwards, he said to Li Xiaofen and Claudia, “You two sit in the back. ”

Guo Lei was surprised and asked, “The two of them are going too?”

Ye Chen said casually, “I’m taking them both for a bit of fun, why? Can’t you?”

Guo Lei had originally planned to kidnap Li Xiaofen tonight, and the manpower had already been arranged, so in order not to delay the original plan, he pretended to be kind and said, “A place like a casino is not very suitable for girls to have fun, or else someone else will take them both, what do you think?”

Ye Chen frowned and said to Claudia, “Claudia, do you know any other casinos? Let’s change one to play.”

When Guo Lei heard this, he immediately panicked.

If Ye Chen didn’t go to his own casino, all he could lose was his draw for the night.

But if Ye Chen took Li Xiaofen and Claudia to another casino, then the plan to go after Li Xiaofen tonight would follow.

After all, in a place like a casino, most people go in and play until dawn, and if a big client like Ye Chen, who was carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, went to the Hua Gang’s casino and arranged for accommodation in a five-star hotel when he was tired of playing, then it would be even more impossible to carry out the plan, which was tantamount to putting both things on hold.

So, after thinking about it, he decided that he would not rush to make a move on Li Xiaofen tonight, so he could kill Ye Chen, the fat sheep, first, and then make a move on Li Xiaofen tomorrow night, after all, Li Xiaofen would not be able to run away.

So, he hurriedly changed his tone and said, “Ha! Buddy don’t mind, I’m not saying I won’t let the two of them go, just a friendly suggestion, since you insist on taking them, I definitely have no problem with it.”

With that, he looked out of the car at Li Xiaofen and Claudia and waved his hand, “Xiaofen, cousin, hurry up and come up, we’re leaving now!”

Li Xiaofen and Claudia looked at each other and got into the back of the Rolls Royce.

After that, Guo Lei started the car and drove the three of them to the outskirts of the city.

Guo Lei drove the car all the way to the Italian group’s territory, where the environment was much more chaotic than Chinatown, with not only all kinds of gangsters on the streets, but also a lot of very sultry dressed street girls.

The Rolls Royce that Guo Lei drove looked particularly conspicuous in this kind of place, but no one dared to hit this car, on the contrary, when this car pa*sed by, they would usually stand up straight and raise their hands to say hello.

In this neighbourhood, everyone knew that the car was a new purchase by the owner of the group, so they didn’t care who was in it, they would salute and show respect as soon as they saw it pa*s by.

Guo Lei played a deafening hi-fi tune in the car and bobbed his head as he drove the car into the door of an auto repair shop.

There were a few young men with European faces standing guard at the entrance of the garage, and seven or eight cars were already parked in the yard.

Guo Lei drove the car directly into the repair workshop of the garage, and then said to Ye Chen, “Buddy, here we are.”