Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4562

So he hesitated and said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, this person is used to being arrogant, plus he has not suffered any losses for so many years, so he does not think about the consequences, but as he said, he and I have been related for so many years, I really can’t bear to see him die, so please give him a chance. ”

Ye Chen sneered, “He came over here and pretended with me so much, if I just let him go, where do you want me to put my face?”

Liu Jiahui was busy saying, “Mr. Ye …… I don’t mean to ask you to stop pursuing his faults …… I just want you to pursue him in a different way, at least leave him alive ……”

Yang Tiansheng also nodded his head and begged, “Yes, Mr. Ye …… As long as you can spare my dog’s life, I will do whatever you want me to do ……”

The first thing I want to do is to make sure that I have the money to pay for the crime. You only need to say how much!”

Ye Chen sneered: “It’s not that I look down on you, there are many people who want to take money in exchange for my net, but you are definitely the poorest one among them.”

Saying that, Ye Chen asked with a bit of contempt, “How much is the market value of your company?”

Yang Tiansheng stammered and said, “Almost three billion Hong Kong dollars ……”

Ye Chen disdainfully said, “converted into US dollars, only a mere 400 million, to be honest not enough to stuff my teeth, in addition, I estimate that all your a*sets combined, a billion US dollars will hit the head, ask Hong Yuanshan, Zhong Yunqiu yesterday in exchange for my forgiveness, promised me what is the condition. ”

“Zhong Yunqiu?!” Yang Tiansheng exclaimed offhandedly, and then looked at Hong Yuanshan in horror, waiting for his reply.

At this moment, Hong Yuanshan said with an arrogant face, “Tell you, Yang, Zhong Yunqiu promised Mr. Ye yesterday that he would pay a total of ten billion dollars in compensation within the next ten years!

“Ten billion dollars for ten years?! Or US dollars?!” Hong Yuanshan’s jaw dropped as he subconsciously said, “This Zhong Yunqiu is only worth ten billion dollars in total! How could he possibly agree to take out such a large amount of money ……”

Hong Yuanshan went up and delivered a vicious slap, making Yang Tiansheng’s eyes glaze over.

At the same time, he cursed and said, “sh*t! You think I’m joking with you? Mr. Liu was there yesterday, ask him if you don’t believe me!”

Yang Tiansheng hurriedly looked at Liu Jiahui at the side, his eyes full of solicitation.

Liu Jiahui nodded slowly and sighed, “Tiansheng, what Mr. Hong said is true, ten years and ten billion dollars, there is no water!”

Yang Tiansheng only felt a dryness in his throat and swallowed hard, not knowing what to do for a while.

Although he did not believe in Hong Yuanshan’s person, he did not have any doubts about Liu Jiahui’s words.

It was because he did not believe in Liu Jiahui’s words that he had suffered a big loss. Now, he could see that every word Liu Jiahui had said to him was from the bottom of his heart, but unfortunately, he had just been blinded by lard and had not listened to this old friend’s good advice.

There was just one thing he could not understand: “This Ye Chen, just how big is he that he can make Zhong Yunqiu promise to take out US$10 billion in 10 years as compensation?”

“If it takes Zhong Yunqiu to come up with US$10 billion to be considered a solution, then how much money do I have to come up with?! I’m nowhere near as rich as Zhong Yunqiu!”

Just when he didn’t know what to do, Liu Jiahui looked at Ye Chen and opened his mouth to plead, “Mr. Ye, I see that Born also knows that he was wrong, if you don’t feel relieved, just give him a chance to make amends to you and more or less leave him alive ……”

Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “What kind of life do you want me to keep him?”