Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4202

Qiao Feiyun knew very well in his heart that once the Fei family started investigating the line of Japanese ninjas, it would be easy to find clues to the Iga ninja.

He couldn’t help but say to himself, “How will the doggone Iga ninja be a match for the Fei family, when they face the Fei family, they will surely confess all without hesitation ……”

“The Fei family will then start backtracking from the Iga ninja, and it won’t take long to find my head ……”

“Even though I used a fake identity when I contacted the Iga ninja, the $40 million I sent to the Iga ninja was not fake money ……”

“As long as the Fei family starts with where the money came from and traces it upstream a little, it will inevitably lead to me ……”

“At that point, how do I explain to the Fay family?”

“I say I’m innocent? Will they believe me? I’m sure they won’t. ……”

“Then I can only tell them the truth, that I actually helped Fei Hao Yang to find a ninja and the purpose was to kidnap the big star Gu Qiuyi ……”

“The Fei family will definitely not believe it either, in their eyes, their young master is a dragon among men, how could he be a human devil?”

“In that case, I would have to reveal all of Fei Hao Yang’s deeds and all the information I have ……”

“But what’s the point of that? The first thing the Fei family will do when they find out their young master is a human evil is to kill me so they can bury the truth once and for all ……”

“That would only make me die faster ……”

Thinking of this, Qiao Feiyun gritted his teeth and said in a stern voice, “It seems that if I want to live, the only way is to run away before the Fei family finds me!”

“As long as I can run out of the Fei family’s control, I can turn my hand around and send all that information to the Fei family, so that they can stay away from me! Otherwise, I’ll expose all the information!”

Then, Qiao Feiyun raised his eyebrows and sneered, “Right, I can use that information to knock them off hard! Who cares about that when we’ve already torn our f*cking faces apart anyway?”

Thinking of this, Qiao Feiyun put his heart into it and was ready to run away.

So, five minutes after receiving the maid’s text message, Qiao Feiyun dressed up and left the villa with a duck-tongue cap on his head.

The Fei family was still brightly lit and heavily guarded late at night, but the vast majority of this guardedness was focused from the outside to the inside.

From the inside to the outside, as long as there was nothing in hand, there was basically no obstruction.

This kind of strict entry and lenient exit pattern is like flying on an aeroplane, when you go in you even have to take off your shoes to go through the security machine, but once you get off the plane, the way out of the airport is unimpeded, no matter how much stuff you have with you, the security guards don’t even bother to take a look at it.

So, without alerting anyone, Qiao Feiyun went straight out of the Fei family estate.

After coming out, he originally wanted to take a taxi to leave immediately, but places like Long Beach are the mansions of the rich, and rich people have more cars than they can drive, and basically don’t take taxis, so there are very few taxis in this place.

When he saw that there were no taxis around, he was prepared to walk some distance away before looking.

It was also his luck that he had just walked out of the Fei family’s estate when he saw a taxi parked at a crossroads, and a blonde female pa*senger stepped out of the back of the taxi.

Relieved to see this car, Qiao Feiyun hurriedly got into it as the female pa*senger got out and prepared to leave, and once inside, he said without thinking, “Go to the Port Authority Bus Terminal station!”

In the United States, aeroplanes and trains also take real names, and Qiao Feiyun, fearing that his identity would be compromised, planned to take a long-distance bus all the way to Texas for a layover and a trip south.

Texas borders Mexico, so once he got there, he planned to find a way to smuggle himself into Mexico.