Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4194

Li Yalin’s offhand remark caused An Chongqiu’s face to darken.

However, he didn’t move as he lifted his gla*s of wine and took a large sip before smacking his lips and saying lightly, “The stupid b*****d you’re talking about is me.”

Li Yalin looked at him dumbfounded and blurted out, “f*ck! What the hell? You’re letting someone fool you, aren’t you?”

“No.” An Chongqiu waved his hand and laughed at himself through the strength of his drink, “I let someone cheat me, I f*cking bid up to 370 billion dollars, and I could barely kneel down to them on the spot, but they didn’t sell it to me, and even kicked me out of the auction hall.”

Li Yalin felt his outlook had been turned upside down and subconsciously asked, “What kind of medicine …… can make you ask for three hundred and seventy billion dollars? What is the concept of three hundred billion …… Alibaba’s market value today is only 292.8 billion dollars, that is to say, put the whole Alibaba into it, still can’t f*cking exchange for a medicine?!”

An Chongqiu said very seriously: “Can’t exchange, if I could exchange it I would have exchanged it long ago, frown I don’t even surname An.”

After saying that, An Chongqiu looked at Li Yalin and asked curiously, “You are a policeman, why are you so interested in stocks? How about stock speculation?”

Li Yalin gave a sarcastic laugh and shook off his hand, “Don’t f*cking mention it, I have some savings in hand and bought all the shares of this company, so far, I’ve lost more than half of it.”

An Chongqiu cursed: “D*mn, you should f*cking tell me about it, I’ll give you some information, whether short or long, you’re guaranteed to make a few times profit!”

Li Yalin said seriously, “You know me, I don’t have much money, just a lot of righteousness and no place to use it, besides, I’m a federal police officer, if I still rely on inside information to speculate on stocks, that’s a violation of the law, the FBI will investigate me.”

“Also.” An Chongqiu shook his head and sighed, “I told you a long time ago, don’t be a cop, there’s no point, but you just don’t listen.”

Li Yalin waved his hand, “Let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about that drug of yours, what kind of drug is it, can it be worth 300 f*cking billion dollars?”

An Chongqiu said with an expression of fascination: “It’s a …… miracle drug that can cure all diseases in the body, turn dead wood into spring, and turn back the clock twenty years ……”

Li Yalin frowned: “Where is such a divine thing, you have watched too many movies, right?”

An Chongqiu smiled, “You haven’t seen it with your own eyes, so no matter what I say you won’t believe it, but after you see its effects with your own eyes, you’ll be in awe like me.”

With that, An Chongqiu recounted to Li Yalin what he had seen with his own eyes at the Spring Return Pill auction that day.

Li Yalin was dumbfounded after hearing this and said, “It’s f*cking unbelievable …… that there is such a miraculous thing in this world, so miraculous that I can’t think of any scientific basis for it, I feel that all the books I read in America were f*cking wasted.”

An Chongqiu laughed, “That’s why I said earlier that many things we find unlikely, maybe it’s not the thing itself that’s wrong, it’s just that we don’t know enough about it.”

Li Yalin sighed and said, “If there really was such a medicine, my old man might be able to live for more years, but there’s no ball to use, I can’t afford to buy this medicine even if it’s available.”

After saying that, he remembered something, looked at An Chongqiu and asked, “Why did you go and buy this? Who are you buying it for?”

An Chongqiu let out a light sigh, “To buy it for the old man, his symptoms of Alzheimer’s are getting worse and worse now.”

“Alzheimer’s?” Li Yalin blurted out, “It’s Alzheimer’s, right?! When did Uncle An get this disease?”

An Chongqiu said with emotion, “It’s been more than two years since he got it. At first, I noticed that he was always forgetting things easily. …”

“At that time we had the best specialists intervene and also took him through some systematic training to combat the condition, but the cause of this disease is functional decompensation of the brain, so there was nothing medically effective to treat it, and his condition continued to deteriorate after that.”