Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4148

Chen Zhao Zhong and Gu Qiuyi both looked confused.

Gu Qiuyi was completely unaware of what was happening, while Chen Zhaozhong was completely confused as to why these few people came in in a murderous mood and instead immediately knelt down and begged for mercy as soon as they saw Ye Chen.

What they didn’t know was that Hattori Kazuo was now really about to die of fright.

He only felt that his heart rate was so fast that it had gone completely out of whack, and the violent and rapid vibrations seemed to be shattering his entire chest cavity with excruciating pain.

In his mind, he could not help but recall the image of Ye Chen kicking a small stone and directly killing the War King of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall on Ye Ling Mountain that day, and knew that if Ye Chen took offense, he could send the eight of them to meet the Great God of Heavenly Light in a minute.

Therefore, he could only keep begging for mercy and repentance, praying that Ye Chen would show mercy.

At this time, Ye Chen smiled playfully and said, “Hattori Kazuo, right? Go, close the door first.”

Hattori Kazuo could only nod like a grey grandson and hurriedly stood up, dragging his trembling legs and shutting the door to the VIP lounge.

Then, Hattori Kazuo returned to his original position and knelt on the ground again, looking at Ye Chen and begged, “Master Ye …… I beg you to forgive me this time ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, “We are all adults, you are still daydreaming like a child here, this is meaningless.”

Hattori Kazuo panicked to death, like a dog in distress, and confessed, “Master Ye …… Your name has long been known to us, and your strength is like a miracle in our eyes, I really did not mean to make an enemy of you …… This is all at the behest of someone ……”

Ye Chen smiled and spoke, “Let me ask you, the person who hired you, who is it?”

Hattori Kazuo was busy saying, “A Chinese surnamed Yun, I don’t know exactly what his name is, I only know it’s Mr. Yun.”

Ye Chen found out Qiao Feiyun’s information, opened the photo and asked him, “Is this the man?”

Hattori Kazuo crawled forward on his knees for a few steps, and after seeing it clearly, he hurriedly knelt and backed up again before bowing and saying, “Back to Master Ye, that’s him!”

Ye Chen nodded and asked again, “How much did he pay your Iga ninja?”

Without thinking, Hattori Kazuo said, “Eighty million dollars!”

Ye Chen continued to ask, “How many of you have come in total?”

Hattori Kazuo said respectfully, “Just eight of us ……”

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “What was your original plan?”

Hattori Kazuo was busy saying, “The original plan was to capture the two women here, kill everyone else, then immediately take the people away from the staff pa*sageway, load them into rubbish trucks and transport them to the dock, that Yun surnamed has arranged a boat for us, when the time comes, hand the people over to him and we can leave the US by boat.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen nodded gently, then he smiled lightly, looked at Hattori Kazuo with interest and opened his mouth to ask: “Hattori Kazuo, let me ask you, do you few still want to return to Japan alive?”

Hattori Kazuo’s expression was overjoyed and he nodded his head as if he was in a panic and said, “I do! We all want to! I beg Master Ye to help us!”

The others also begged, “Please, Master Ye!”