Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4543

Zhong Zitao just woke up, covered in pain as well as full of aggression, seeing his own father was about to release, but never dreamed that his own father would treat him like an enemy, rushed up and kicked him a lot!

He was already in pain and was kicked several times by Zhong Yunqiu, which caused him to cry out, “Dad are you crazy …… what are you hitting me for ……”

“I hit you for what?” Zhong Yunqiu panted and cursed, “I hit you because you son of a b*tch caused me a lot of trouble!”

After saying that, Zhong Yunqiu rode on top of Zhong Zitao, grabbed the collar with one hand, slapped his face with the other, and cursed, “You son of a b*tch, all you know is to cause trouble for me all day long! I’ll be P*ssed off at you sooner or later!”

Zhong Zitao cried out, “Dad …… what did I do wrong …… I was beaten up like this, it’s okay if you don’t avenge me, but you still beat me… …”

Zhong Yunqiu was so angry that he was about to explode, but he didn’t dare to say the true cause.

He knew his loser son very well, he liked to cause trouble for one thing, and he had little ability to be a man of the city for another. If he told him about today’s incident, his broken mouth would definitely spread, and if Ye Chen found out, it would be all over.

So, he could only stare at Zhong Zitao and said viciously, “Listen to me! From now on, don’t talk about the beating you took, and don’t try to seek revenge on the other side, or else I’ll break both your legs and keep you at home like a dog, and never let you go out for the rest of your life! Do you understand?!”

Zhong Zitao was frightened by his dad’s fierce look.

He had never seen his father look so fierce in his life. Although he didn’t know why his father had turned into this state, he also vaguely realized that he had probably made a big trouble today, so he could only hold back his aggression and nodded his head in tears and said, “I understand dad …… ”

Still not relieved, Zhong Yunqiu slapped him hard across the face again, then said to the doctor, “From now on, don’t let him leave this ward for the next two weeks!”

The doctor nodded in a hurry.

Zhong Yunqiu looked at Zhong Zitao again and gritted her teeth, “If you dare to step out of this ward without my permission, I won’t have you as a son, get as far away as you can!”

Zhong Zitao shivered in fear and said, “Dad, I want to see my mother …… Can you ask her to come here?”

Zhong Yunqiu cursed, “Let her come, my a*s! You immediately send a text message to your mother, just say that you are going abroad with your friends for a few days, and when you have recovered from your injuries, you can meet with your mother again!”



When Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong arrived at the Liu family’s mansion in Shixun Road, Liu Jiahui, who had been following behind, arrived at almost the same time.

When Ye Chen had just stopped the car and was unbuckling his seatbelt to get out, Liu Jiahui had already gotten out of the car quickly and ran wildly to the Tesla, and diligently opened the door for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn’t even think that this old man, with such a fat body, could sprint so fast.

At this point, Liu Jiahui was already standing outside the door, smiling respectfully, “Mr. Ye, please.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “Mr. Liu is really too polite.”

Liu Jiahui was busy saying solicitously, “I should, I should.”

Saying that, he hurriedly asked Ye Chen again, “How did Mr. Ye eat tonight? If you are not full, would you like to have another snack? I’ve just asked the housekeeper to buy you some roast goose, would you like to have some when it comes back? We can have another couple of drinks on the way.”

Ye Chen smiled, “I thought Mr Liu didn’t like roast goose.”

Liu Jiahui blurted out, “Yes, I like it very much!”