Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3808

Ye Chen, who was in the opposite mood to Fei Kexin, was on his way home.

After bringing Luo Jiacheng under control, he felt much more relaxed. Since that Fei Kexin still wanted to continue hiding her identity, Ye Chen could also continue to play with her.

However, in order to find out Fei Ke Xin’s background, he made another phone call to Wan Bajun, in which he asked him, “Bajun, do you have any details of that Fei Ke Xin?”

Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Ye, the information I have so far shows that Fei Kexin is the young lady of the Fei family in North America, and this Fei family is quite a powerful Chinese family in North America, although its strength is not as strong as the An family, it is still stronger than the Li family in Hong Kong Island and the Su family in China.”

Saying that, Wan Bajun added: “The founder of the Fei family, the current family head is named Fei Jianzhong, a founding generation who stayed abroad to work in the world some years ago, but now he is over ninety years old, it is said that his health is not too good, and it is estimated that it is almost time to reach the end of his life.”

When Ye Chen heard this, it dawned on him and he thought to himself, “No wonder this Fei Ke Xin has been trying to get close to me and my family, here’s the reason ……”

He had seen Fei Jianzhong’s name on the registration list for the auction, and combined with this information that Wan Bajun had fed back, it was not difficult to surmise that Fei Jianzhong must have known that his time was running out, so he could not wait to get a Spring Return Pill, and he should have been worried that there would be an accident at the auction, so he sent Fei Ke Xin to the country in advance and looked for clues to the Spring Return Pill from other means, so that it would also serve as a double insurance.

After thinking about this, Ye Chen asked Wan Bajun, “What is the status of this Fei Kexin in the Fei family?”

Wan Bajun explained, “This Fei Ke Xin is the granddaughter of Fei Jianzhong, but she is the youngest among the grandchildren of the Fei family, among the brothers and sisters of the same generation as her, the oldest is already over fifty, while she is only in her early twenties, it is said that she is more favored in the Fei family, and is the most favored granddaughter of Elder Fei.”

Ye Chen asked him, “What is Fei Ke Xin’s father’s ranking in the Fei family’s son generation?”

Wan Bajun said, “Her father, like her, is also ranked the youngest in his generation.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “No wonder she worked so hard, her father’s generation must not have much status in the family, the old man is also relatively old and might pa*s away one day, so if she doesn’t work hard and gain more favours in front of the old man at this time, when the old man leaves, then she will be directly divided out.”

“Yes.” Wan Bajun sighed, “This is where all the big families are not immune, after the new family head takes office, he will definitely do a round of purging of his siblings, and when he gets old, such things will happen again to his children.”

Ye Chen said, “Right, and asked, “Broken Jun, is there any more detailed information about this Fei Ke Xin?”

Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Ye, there is not much information about Fei Ke Xin, her life history is mainly two parts, one is that from the age of six until last year, most of her energy was basically focused on her studies, she is considered a genius in studies, a school master, only 22 years old, and already got a doctorate degree at Stanford, the other is that she has been in contact with business management since she was a teenager. had business management, Fei Jianzhong had given her several projects with a market value of over 100 million dollars to practice, and it was said that the results were all very good.”

Ye Chen did not expect that Fei Ke Xin was a Stanford graduate.

Stanford was his mother’s alma mater, so by calculation, this Fei Ke Xin and his mother were from the same school.

However, this did not make Ye Chen feel more favourable towards Fei Kexin. He did not like Fei Kexin’s cleverness in this kind of mechanism, although he had some appreciation for it.

In Ye Chen’s opinion, it would be best for her to back off because of tonight’s incident and go back to the United States at dawn tomorrow, so as to save herself the trouble.

As for that Luo Jiacheng, of course he himself would not finish him off, the big deal would be to erase this part of his memory and find a chance to secretly send him to some country in Southeast Asia and let him find his own way back.

In this way, this matter would not have any direct connection with oneself.